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10 New Releases to Keep an Eye on in August

The month of August is usually one of the most tortuous of the year, because during this period there are no holidays (at least nationally), but we are living in different times, to the point of having huge expectations for August, because we will have several big premieres for this month, check now a list of the 10 best releases of the period.

1 – The Suicide Squad (August 5th)

O Esquadrão Suicida: Críticas AdoroCinema
/Warner Bros.

The team's second chance in theaters promises, the feature film directed by James Gunn currently has 98% of approval on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the main ratings sites in the world, and it is not only with criticism that Amanda Waller's men are successful. , according to director James Gunn, responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy, the film is the best comic book movie of all time.

2 – Stargirl – Season 2 (August 10)

Stargirl: Criador fala sobre crossover com o Arrowverse
/Warner Bros.

Another DC character who saw showing up in August is the turn of Courtney Whitmore to return to action, the series is considered by many as one of the best series adaptations made by DC, and carries this huge responsibility for the second season that will have weekly episodes on Tuesdays from the 10th.

3 – What if…? (August 11th)

Que horas What If...? estreia no Disney+? - Canaltech
/ Disney

If Tuesdays will be from DC, Wednesdays will be from Marvel, the first episode of the animation from the publisher arrives at Disney plus on the 11th with weekly episodes, the series will play with the possibilities of several stories, in the comics this premise has already worked, including by making some successful elements of these canonical realities, does the series also have the potential to change something at Marvel?

4 – Titans – Season 3 (August 12)

Titans Season 3 Poster Key Art: Heroes Will Rise to Stop Gotham's Fall
/HBO max

August will officially be from DC, the 3rd work on this list is the series Titãs which attracted many fans of the publisher for having an audiovisual approach different from what was usually seen in DC series in the CW universe. Despite the irregularity, the second season of Titans left open several possibilities and questions for the next season, and the materials released so far are electrifying.

5 - Brooklyn 99 - Season 8 (August 12)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Elenco comemora o início das gravações da 8ª  temporada; Confira! | CinePOP

On the same day as the Titans debut, another group of law advocates will also start their new season, and this one is special, after all the 8th season of Brooklyn 99 is also the last of a police team that made fans smile, anger , cry and get emotional throughout the plot, and this time should be no different, the farewell of the team should come in style.

6 – GI Joe origins: Snake Eyes (August 19)

Novo trailer de “G.I. Joe Origens: Snake Eyes” é repleto de surpresas e  ação - Pipoca Moderna

One of the most beloved and enigmatic characters in the GI Joe franchise will win his solo film, in this new feature the origin of Snake Eyes, a classic team member, will be shown. The feature film can be a full plate for martial arts movie fans, after all, the character is a black belt in 12 different fights.

7 – Free Guy (August 19)

Free Guy: Assumindo o Controle': Ryan Reynolds está pronto para a ação no  novo clipe oficial do longa; Confira! | CinePOP
/ 20th Century Studios

Have you ever while playing a game you ever wondered what the daily life of an NPC is like? In Hollywood already, and decided to tell this vision in a feature, starring Ryan Reynolds, Freeguy will show life inside a chaotic game, and the film should attract the eyes of fans of comedy, action and games.

8 – The Walking dead – 8th season (August 22)

The Walking Dead: Quando estreia a 11ª e última temporada

What seemed far away has finally arrived, just as Brooklyn 99, The Walking Dead reaches its final season, and after many ups and downs throughout the plot, it's time for the closure of this story that has been dragging on for 11 years.

9 – The Witcher: The Legend of the Wolf (August 23)

The Witcher: Lenda do Lobo revela quem foi o treinador de Geralt; veja

The audiovisual adaptations of games usually carry the stigma of not being good, but Netflix broke some paradigms with The Witcher, the success was so much that the series will get an animated spin off telling the story of Vasemir, Geralt's trainer.

10 – American Horror Story – Season 10 (August 25)

American Horror Story: Double Feature': Ryan Murphy Unveils First OFFICIAL  Season 10 Poster; Check! – Designer Women

The end of August also marks the beginning of the horror season, those sequences of series and movie releases that debut from August to November taking advantage of the Halloween atmosphere, and in August we have the beginning of the new season of AHS, this season the central theme will be the aliens.

Bonus: In addition to all these releases, August also has important streaming arrivals:

Mortal Kombat (HBO Max): No date set.

Space Jam: A New Legacy (HBO Max): August 21st.

Black Widow (Disney Plus)*: August 25

*The film was available on the platform through Premier Access and is now free.

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