10 Alternative characters from Monica's Gang


The characters from Monica's gang are certainly the most famous comic book characters in Brazil, after all, who doesn't know Monica, Cascão, Chico Bento, Cebolinha and Magali's foodie? But not only these classic characters live the stories of Mauricio de Sousa, meet some alternative characters in this list.

1 - Blog

Bloguinho is a character who knows everything about technology, and fluent in “internetês”, a virtual language, and ends up mixing it with Portuguese in his speeches, causing some confusion in his speeches.

2- Your Juca

Seu Juca is the handyman of the Limoeiro neighborhood, the gang always tries to help him but they always end up involving the poor guy in accidents, and due to his history, Seu Juca ends up despairing just thinking about the gang

3 – Zé Cremadinho

As the name implies, Zé Cremadinho is a pile of ashes from Penadinho's gang, he is a calm character, except when his friends confuse him with dust.

4 – Cremilda and Clotilde

The twin sisters are cleaning aficionados, and have a rather impossible goal: Clean the Smudge.

5 – Xabéu Lorota

Xabéu is Xaveco's older sister (let's face it, she's not one of the main characters in the class either, but she's still better known than the characters on the list), she's 15 years old, and she's in charge of the class, and for that reason feature often stays babysitting for younger characters.

6 – Mariana

Perhaps it has the saddest story among the characters in the class, Mariana was the younger sister of Chico Bento, and who at a few months of age fell ill, and ended up dying, after the event she is treated as a little star in the sky.

7 - Telelusion

Bloguinho's older brother, already mentioned in this list, and doesn't appear much in the gang's adventures because he spends most of his time doing what he likes the most: watching television.

8 – Madame Frufru

Also known as Carminha Frufru's mother, she is a socialite who lives in a mansion in the Limoeiro neighborhood, is vain, a perfectionist and is as uptight as her daughter.

9 – Pixuquinha

Penadinho's nephew, and is always messing around in the cemetery, and he always counts on his uncle's help to get out of the troubles he gets into.

10 - Alvin

Alvinho is Smudge's cousin, but he has very different habits from him, he has a mania for cleanliness and is always clean and fragrant.




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