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11 destinations to plan a geek trip

During the period of social isolation, one of the activities you can develop is to plan a travel itinerary for several locations that have had locations for films and series. In addition, also include places that were inspired by cinematographic works. We have separated some tips for you to have ideas and maybe visit:

1 -Hobbiton, New Zealand

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For lovers of the works of JRR Tolkien as "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", visiting Hobbits County, in the city of Matamata, is on the list of things to do before you die. The place is known as Hobbiton and was handpicked by Peter Jackson, after the recording of the first film of "Lord of the Rings", the site has been dismantled. The success of the film was very great and the number of people wanting to know the place increased. Ten years later, for the filming of "The Hobbit", the landowner, director and film studio agreed to rebuild Hobbiton, this time for good, with durable materials.

2 - Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver is known in the film industry as North Hollywood. Usually with a lower budget than locations in the USA, and the proximity of the countries made the production only increase and went to other Canadian cities like Toronto. Another reason is in the landscapes, climate and ideal lighting. In addition to seeing stunning landscapes, you can also visit places that served as a backdrop for the works below.

In Supernatural, the brothers travel all over the USA, but in fact, all production sites were in British Columbia. Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl they are all recorded in Vancouver. Twilight had their recordings split between Vancouver and the USA, but from the second film, New Moon, much of the filming was done in British Columbia. The 2003 and 2006 films by X-Men were also recorded in Vancouver.

3 - Croatia

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Home to Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik, a city on the Croatian coast, is the official location of King's Landing and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. GOT had scenes in many places like Northern Ireland, Malta, Sevilla, Scotland, Spain, Morocco and Iceland. Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland was one of the scenarios of the 4th and 7th season of the series, its black sand beach is unmistakable. In Northern Ireland, fans can feel at home Winterfell, the scenes set in the castle-fortress of the Stark family were recorded in Castle ward, which offers guided tours and experiences to visitors.

4 - England

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The birth of Harry Potter it was on British soil, and as one of JK Rowling's requirements, his sets and actors are also English. You can take a tour of Warner Bros Studios, visit the train station King's Cross, the famous platform 9¾. Across the street, there is the St Pancras International Station, it appears in the second film of the saga. The bridges Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge and Lambeth Bridge will remind you of many scenes. At the bar The Cauldron you will have a 1h45min “potions class” inside a bar, in which you mix the ingredients to make 2 different drinks.

If you want you can also go to Edinburgh for coffee at The Elephant House, cafeteria where JK Rowling brought the wizard's story to life and Alnwick Castle, where you can take a broom flight class. Ah! Recalling that the country also has scenarios of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

5 - Tunisia

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Star Wars fans who want to visit Anakin Skywalker's hometown, Tatooine, should get to know the remote region of Tozeur. There are no direct flights from Brazil to the capital of Tunisia, but you can make a quick connection from any city in Europe.

6 - Portugal

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Medieval Travel Festival

If you are fascinated by the Middle Ages and the entire medieval universe, Portugal is your destination between the months of July to August. During this period, “Medieval Journey” in Santa Maria da Feira. This is the largest historic recreation event in Europe. The party takes place inside and around the castle with lots of cool experiences, a great option for those going with children too. Character clothing, typical food, dance, battles, theater, adventure for all ages, culture and even wedding.

Ah, you must be thinking that it is very expensive… many attractions are free. But that does not mean that buying tickets is expensive, quite the opposite. Pre-sale tickets start at € 6.00 and the last lot costs € 8.00, these values are for participating in every day of the event. If you want to buy just one day, prices range from € 2.50 to € 4.50 according to the day. Children up to 1.30 m tall are exempt from payment. At the site and social networks have videos and more information.

It is also in Portugual that the library is, which was a source of inspiration for J.Kowling to imagine the Hogowarts library. The library Lello is in Porto, the place where the writer lived for 18 months.

6 - Teresópolis

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Medieval Carioca Fair

Did you find Portugal too far away to have a medieval experience? Okay, who knows in the next one, right? You can feel yourself in medieval times here in Brazil, in Le Canton, a Swiss resort located in Teresópolis. There you will find a castle, a covered amusement park and accommodation inspired by the medieval period. The place also has accommodation with reinterpretation of Swiss villages, water park and Fazer Switzerland, an option for those who want contact with nature and animals.

Still in Rio de Janeiro, every year there is Medieval Carioca Fair. With gastronomy, craft beer, mead, fights, dances, music and much of medieval culture. It's a free event and you can check out the latest editions on Youtube and check the agenda and curiosities on instagram @feiramedievalcariocaoficial

7 - Rio Grande do Sul

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Celtic Pack

Throughout the year the Celtic Pack organizes medieval traveling fairs in different cities in the state. The fair features presentations of Celtic, Gypsy and Tribal dances, theater, circular dance workshops, archery and swordplay (foam sword competition), exhibitors of handicrafts and thematic products, cutlery and musical shows. Ah! We cannot forget the gastronomy, mead and craft beer. You can follow the Bando's agenda at site or on the instragram @bandocelta

8– Campos do Jordão

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Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (EBM)

In addition to being a charming city, you can complete your studies and become a wizard. THE Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (EBM) is located in Campos do Jordão and for four days offers a playful competition experience between four houses. The activities of the event include classes with original content, unraveling puzzles, sports championships between groups, assignments and tests. The investment for an immersion in the wizarding world is about R$2.699 with transfer from the bus station, accommodation (divided by gender, home and age), full board and snacks, unlimited refillable cup and student kit. For more information send an owl or access the site.

9 - Tokyo, Japan

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Ghibli Museum

The city of Tokyo has many routes for anime lovers. From the famous designs to all the technological aspects, the city is a plate full of attractions and things to do are not to be missed. An unmissable place is the Ghibli Museum, a studio that created several famous drawings from Japan, the place shows how the works are made, how some were created and has a themed restaurant. It is important to buy the ticket in advance, it is a very popular place.

10 - Tuscany, Italy

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Montepulciano has been the setting for films and series since 1950, is very rich in history, dates back to the Etruscan era, was a strategy for the rise of the Medici family, but its greatest recognition came after New Moon, Twilight sequence, was filmed. The series Medici: Masters of Florence which has scenes in Montepulciano too, tells the story of the family and is set in several cities in Italy, with Pienza being its protagonist city.

11 –California, USA

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San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is one of the world's leading pop culture events and takes place annually in California. The event always receives several famous artists, most of the premieres and trailers take place during the fair and of course, there are many incredible cosplayers. Here in Brazil we have the CCXP that takes place annually in December in São Paulo.



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