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12 contagion films to watch during quarantine

In early February, when China was affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the film Contagion (2011) joined the list of the most wanted and watched on platforms streaming. Now, COVID-19 has become a pandemic and with the population needing to be quarantined, other films about viruses have started to be sought.

Given the current scenario, we have separated titles on pandemics and deadly viruses that threaten the human race. For those who are interested in the topic or just want to be distracted, see below 12 films about epidemics to make your quarantine exciting.

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1. Contagion

The film talks about a pandemic and portrays the disease in much the same way as Covid-19. In the story, Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to the USA after a business trip in Hong Kong. She begins to show symptoms of the flu or another type of infection, and dies two days later. Sounds familiar?

Other people start showing the same symptoms, spreading the virus. But until doctors realize the seriousness of the problem, the population panics. At the same time that authorities and doctors try to discover the cause and cure of the disease, they must also deal with the fake news about the virus. 

12 filmes sobre contágio para assistir durante a quarentena 12
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  1. The films are very good, especially the Contagion that reminds us of the Coronavirus, I will choose some from the list to spend this time and understand each “pandemic”.


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