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1st Forum SPCine discloses numbers and impacts of São Paulo's audiovisual

Celebrating 7 years of Spcine, impressive audiovisual numbers were released at the opening of the 1st SPCINE FORUM - SECTOR RETURN AGENDA, which took place on Tuesday morning. The event counts, in addition to Spcine professionals, with the participation of leading names in the market and national audiovisual production, and takes place in a hybrid way until Thursday, in person at CCSP for subscribers, and also with live and free transmission on the channel from Spcine on Youtube, and can be followed even by those who haven't signed up.

According to the Spcine Observatory, the department responsible for collecting data for the sector, the city's audiovisual media have an economic impact on the lives of 1.5 million people in São Paulo, and directly move R$ 5 billion per year. In other sectors, the audiovisual moves an even greater value, R$ 6 billion. In addition, 210 thousand jobs are generated directly (which represents 26% in the audiovisual sector in Brazil), and another 290 thousand indirectly.

The numbers collected and published by the Observatory, based on data from projects covered by Spcine's Development programs, also show the importance and impact of investing in Spcine's projects. For each R$1 invested, more than R$ 20 are generated by the sector, and around R$ 1.10 is returned to the municipal public coffers through taxes.

São Paulo was the first city in the country to use the Cash and/or Tax Rebate system, which was successful in more than 50 countries. According to the data, for each R$ 1 invested by the São Paulo City Hall in the program, at least R$ 4 are spent on the productions covered. In addition, the program is a pioneer in its inclusion and sustainability mechanisms.

According to research carried out by the international consultancy Olsberg SPI, specialized in the sector, there is a strong presence of audiovisual companies in the city, with 37% of production companies from all over Brazil being in São Paulo, and most of them of high international standard. In addition, the research revealed that the promotion of Spcine's affirmative policies in all its activities, including Cash Rebate, has contributed to increasing diversity in the São Paulo audiovisual industry.


The sector was one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the audiovisual sector is a fundamental part of the economic recovery of São Paulo, and in a production, about 67% are spent in other sectors - such as administrative, construction, food and accommodation, transport.

During the forum, which has several panels with themes, the idea is to discuss ways to promote audiovisual – both in production, exhibition and distribution, as well as new media – in this new scenario. From a debate with skilled professionals in the sector, questions and possibilities can be raised for the advancement of the sector in the city, after more than 2 years of pandemic.

The topics of the roundtables will be fundamental for this resumption, and aim, for example, to discuss how to attract international productions, since, according to BID & Netflix, each international super production injects an average of 9.9 million dollars a week into the local economy. where they are performed. Or also the importance of festivals and the like in the sense of promoting diversity, whether in productions or professionals involved in them.

This Wednesday, the panels will debate the following topics: Promotion & Investments in Economic Development (at 10 am); Audiovisual Events and the challenges of promoting diversity (at 2 pm); and Audience Training for the Brazilian Audiovisual (at 4pm).

On Thursday, the last day of the event, the tables will address: Bringing professional training closer to the market with a focus on diversity (10:00 am); The new frontier of audiovisual: Games and XR (2pm); The socioeconomic impacts of film commissions in cities (4 pm); 'Glocal' advances: strategic dialogues to consolidate the development of the Brazilian audiovisual sector (6 pm); and there will also be a presentation of a balance sheet of the Forum (18:45).

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