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1st SPCINE Forum | Outstanding audiovisual professionals participate in the event

1st SPCINE FORUM - SECTOR RETURN AGENDA takes place between the 10th and 12th of May, and will be shown live on Spcine on Youtube.

The event will feature discussion panels on the audiovisual industry, production, distribution and exhibition, and will bring together some of the main professionals in the area, such as Maria Angela de Jesus, with stints on HBO and Netflix, and currently on VIACON; Deborah Ivanov, who has worked at Gullane, Ancine and is currently the Secretary Director of SIAESP – Union of the Audiovisual Industry of the State of São Paulo; Sol Mayoral, from the Buenos Aires Film Commission; Renata de Almeida, director of the São Paulo International Film Festival; and Sonia Teresa Santana, current president of SINDCINE – Union of Workers in the Film and Audiovisual Industry.

The panels will address topics relevant to the national audiovisual sector at this time of recovery, addressing issues such as international investments, diversity, festivals, film commissions, games and audience formation.

the opening of 1st SPCINE FORUM - SECTOR RETURN AGENDA will take place on the 10th, in the morning (10 am), will have the participation of Viviane Ferreira, CEO of Spcine; Alex Braga, CEO of Ancine; Aline Torres, Municipal Secretary of Culture;  Sérgio Sá Leitao, State Secretary of Culture; and the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes.

Below, the complete schedule of each of the tables and the names already confirmed for the event:

DAY 1 - 05/10 

2 pm – PANEL – Production and dissemination of data in the audiovisual sector

Guests: Gilberto Vieira (co-founder of data_labe), Jader Rosa (Itaú Cultural Observatory) and Leonardo Athias (IBGE).

Mediation: Alessandra Meleiro (Federal University of São Carlos)

4pm – PANEL – Attraction of International Productions and Investments  

Guests:   Andressa Pappas (MPA), Maria Angela de Jesus (VIACOM) and Gustavo Mello (Boutique Filmes).

Mediation: Steve Solot (Olsberg SPI)

DAY 2 - 05/11

10 am – PANEL – Promotion & Investments in Economic Development

Guests: Aline Oliveira Cordeiro da Silva (Funcultura), Débora Ivanov (Producer and Director Secretary of SIAESP – Union of the Audiovisual Industry of the State of São Paulo), Léo Edde (Producer, director and founding partner of Urca Filmes) and Bárbara Oliveira (BNDES ).

Mediation: Karen Castanho (Co-founder of Biônica Filmes)

2pm – PANEL – Audiovisual Events and the challenges of promoting diversity

Guests: Renata Almeida (International Film Festival in São Paulo), Zita Carvalhosa (International Short Film Festival in São Paulo), Rodrigo Grilo (FIANb – International Festival of Black Audiovisual in Brazil) and Well Amorim (Perifericu – International Film Festival and Culture of the Quebrada).

Mediation: Fernanda Lomba (President of Instituto Nicho 54, partner and executive producer at MUNDI)

4pm – PANEL – Audience Training for the Brazilian Audiovisual

guests: Licínio Januário (Wolo TV), Adhemar de Oliveira (Cinearte Circuits) and Carol Misorelli (Taturana).

Mediation: Kiko Mollica (Journalist and director at the production company Km 70)

DAY 3 - 05/12

10 am – PANEL – Bringing professional training closer to the market with a focus on diversity

Guests: Ariel Nobre (Trans Mercado), Janaína Oliveira (RAIO Agency and APAN – Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals), Taina Xavier – (FORCINE – Brazilian Film and Audiovisual Teaching Forum) and Sonia Teresa Santana (President SINDCINE – Union of Workers at Film and Audiovisual Industry)

Mediator: Priscila Machado (Create Institute)

2pm – PANEL – The new frontier of audiovisual: Games and XR

Guests: Rodrigo Terra (Abragames), Silvana Bahia (Olabi) and Jorge Groove (Criador Games VR)

Mediation: Simone Kliass (Founder and Vice President of XRBR)

4pm – PANEL – The socio-economic impacts of film commissions on cities

Guests: Sol Mayoral (Buenos Aires Film Commission), Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira (Ilhabela Film Commission), Guillermo Saldaña (Mexico City Film Commission) and Georgia Costa (Producer at Coração da Selva)

Mediator: Mauro Garcia (BRAVI)

6pm – PANEL – 'Glocal' advances: strategic dialogues to consolidate the development of Brazilian audiovisual

Guests and Mediation: to confirm

18:45 – Presentation of the Balance of the 1st Spcine Forum

Applications until May 5th:

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