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2 AM explains why gaming notebooks are also useful for all professionals

Architects, engineers, photographers, programmers and video editors, among others, can benefit from the robust configurations of these computer models to improve their productivity at work.


Gaming notebooks are primarily developed for gamers, as the name implies, but anyone who thinks that only this audience can benefit from their robust configurations is wrong. On the contrary. The reality is that the technology embedded in this type of machine is also very suitable for performing work tasks, especially those that require handling a high volume of information, heavy programs and high resolution graphic files, such as photos and videos.

As the latest games demand a huge set of data transfers and complex real-time image processing, gaming notebooks come with high-performance processors, vast RAM capacity, graphics accelerators and powerful batteries. These technological resources are exactly what is recommended for professional tasks that involve three-dimensional engineering and architecture projects, professional photo and video editing, and, of course, development/programming of the games themselves.

To exemplify how gaming notebooks can be a great differentiator in the daily lives of several professionals, Samuel Rodegheri, director of Consumer Computer Business at Positivo Tecnologia, the company that owns the 2 AM, listed some ideal resources for certain jobs.

51. Architects

Programs focused on design and architecture projects, in general, already demand fast processors and a good memory capacity of the computer. In the case of professionals who need to render images in real time, a graphics accelerator turns out to be even more important.

“On a classic computer it would be impossible, for example, to develop a virtual environment where the user could walk to visualize an interior project. Even with still images, it would be a heavy task for traditional machines, with less processing power. The gaming notebook has as one of its main differentials, precisely, this enormous capacity to work with a lot of simultaneous information and deliver the result in real time”, explains Samuel.

42. Engineers

Civil engineers also need machines with fast processors, great memory capacity and a good graphics accelerator, mainly to run programs that allow planning and executing a construction in a practical and safe way. AutoCAD, for example, which is the most used software in the world by these professionals, is recommended for 2D technical design projects and 3D modeling, activities that demand not only robust components, but also excellent graphics capabilities.

“The more realistic the projected virtual environment, the greater the computational effort required for the client to be able to navigate the simulated space in a continuous and fluid way, without interruptions and crashes. Here comes into action the graphics accelerator of the gamer computer, commonly called 'graphics card'”, highlights Samuel.

33. Photographers

As a starting point for photographers, a computer with enough storage capacity is essential to save a large number of high resolution photos, although there are several options for cloud storage services. In addition to ensuring the backup of files in a safe and varied way, the notebook of a photographer who handles heavy files and is always on the move demands very high processing capacity, reading speed and battery life.

“If each image edit results in a loss of 30 seconds to 1 minute just to open the file and save it, the professional's time wasted at the end of a project will be very high. Therefore, a gaming computer equipped with advanced processors, high memory capacity and SSD storage are much more suitable for this type of work”, says Samuel.

For the person responsible for 2A.M., another very important aspect in the machines of these professionals is the fidelity of the colors displayed on the monitor. “Poor quality screens have brightness, brightness and color gamut rates that end up leading to inaccuracies in professional work. In other words, assertiveness in photo prints depends directly on the way the image is seen on the computer screen, and therefore the need for a high quality product”.

24. Programmers

Programmers need powerful machines to run different tools simultaneously, regardless of the type of programming, be it web, mobile applications, 3D games, artificial intelligence or any other. Therefore, in addition to a good processor and a reasonable amount of RAM, the ideal is to bet on a machine with an SSD and, above all, one that runs the program that the user will develop in the best possible way.

“The capabilities and resources of the computer used by the programmer need to mirror what the user is expected to have when using the product being created. It is essential, for example, that a game developer can run his own game on his machine in the recommended configuration. In this case, the operating system does not matter so much, but it is important that it is also compatible with the set of tools that will be used for programming”, says Samuel.

15. Video editors

Working with video files demands a lot from a computer, not only because of the size of the files themselves, but also because of the programs used for editing and, above all, because of the amount of data processed. In this case, the ideal is to have a computer with a very fast multi-core processor, as well as a good video card, capable of relieving the CPU's work and displaying the images on the notebook screen without choking.

“Every time part of a video is edited, the transitions have to be recalculated, which is an easy task for a graphics accelerator, but quite difficult for the main processor of the equipment, which is working on other fronts simultaneously. Therefore, the completion of a video job can literally take hours on a regular computer and a few minutes on a gamer model, with a dedicated video card''.



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