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5 Fun Facts About It: The Thing


 It- The Thing it's a classic Stephen King. His plot is well known, but because it is so extensive, not everyone has read this great work. For those who have not read and want to prepare for the premiere of the new film, we have gathered 5 interesting curiosities to increase your anxiety.

*** spoiler free ***

1Every 27 years

Pennywise appears every 27 years. It is impossible to find out when the attacks began, as there are reports that go back almost a century. THE Thing, as it is known among the locals, it mainly chases children, as they are easier targets and it gets stronger with fear.

2Always in the same place

Stephen King keeps practically all his books set in the same place, always in the state of Maine. The author himself lives in that state, in the city of Portland. It- The Thing takes place in Derry-Maine.

3Far Beyond Terror

Children's cast of IT-A Coisa (1990)

The book focuses on Pennywise's attacks on children, but goes far beyond that. The author makes a huge criticism of prejudice in this work, exposing several common problems at the time.

There are homophobic attacks, behavioral problems created by domestic violence, childhood psychosis, racism, religious prejudice, machismo, among others.

The children who play the role already have a good part of these problems, suffering bullying school bully:

• Stanley for being a Jew;
• Bill for being a stutterer;
• Richard for wearing glasses;
• Ben for being fat;
• Eddie for being hypochondriac and asthmatic (due to the overprotective mother's fault);
• Bervely for being labeled a slut for hanging out with boys at the time, in addition to being beaten by her father;
• Mike for being black.

4Naming oxen

Pennywise is the name of the dancing clown that usually appears to children, but he is known as Thing because of his ability to transform himself into various ghastly beings. It uses the most recent fear in people's heads and turns into it before it appears to them.

He is a creature known, among other names, as Glam. The main feature of this creature is transmutation.

5Terrible, but not the only one

Pennywise is not the city's only threat. It is true that Derry is so violent due to the creature's influence, but he chose this city precisely because it had so many petty people.

You can see that the population is not the best due to the amount of prejudice that exists in the city, but the author still reinforces with scenes where abuses are happening in the middle of the street and no one moves to help. Part of that is the Coisa's influence, but a lot of it was just the bad character of the population.



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