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5 tips to keep the gamer's journey healthy

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The gamer's performance gained more visibility in the last year, as there was a leap in the professionalization of this audience during the pandemic, driven by the frequent stay of people indoors. The gamer universe grew 7.1% in 2020, compared to 2019, according to the Game Brazil Survey, which heard about six thousand people. Most started marathon games to get away from reality, but without worrying about their physical and mental health.

But anyone who thinks that sitting for hours in front of a computer is easy is wrong. It is necessary to maintain a healthy routine, focused on the balance of body and mind and, therefore, Dr. Victor Kurita (CRM 98008 SP), with whom he works with a focus on caring for gamers, has separated some tips for these players to be whether professionals or amateurs, can have a fruitful journey and with good performance. After all, when you are in good health, achievements are more pleasurable.

Good nutrition: Eating well is essential, always eating a source of protein (meat, chicken, fish, eggs and some dairy products), a source of carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, cereals, among others) and many nutrients from fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

Adopt a routine of breaks, rest and meditation: If the gamer is too fast, he can take controlled breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. He doesn't need to do it just after the marathon, but during. It is good that this control is done every 40 minutes.

Respect sleep schedules: Respect the sleep cycle, sleep at least 7 hours a day, turning off the computer two hours before going to bed.

Stretching before starting to play: It is important to stretch your fingers and wrists for 15 seconds, varying the positions, so that pain does not arise in the future, especially with repetitive movements.

Vision care: The player must also see an ophthalmologist annually, as the computer screen for many hours in a row and daily can cause some changes.

In the current scenario, where the internet is the biggest work tool, it is normal for gamers to come across haters and bullies, which can cause symptoms of anxiety and even depression. However, Dr. Victor warns that, when the first signs appear, it is essential to look for a professional and do regular follow-up to deal with these people.

“To keep performance high, it's important to pay attention to the signals that the body and mind highlight. The more the physical and psychological aspects are aligned, the better the player will feel when doing his job, avoiding future problems that prevent him from continuing to do what he likes”, concludes Kurita.

About Dr. Victor Kurita
Graduated from the ABC School of Medicine, Dr. Victor Kurita has more than 20 years of experience in the health area, he is the son of oriental parents and had a very traditional education, motivated by his own history of overcoming gambling addiction. specialized in serving this audience. Through Integrative Medicine, Dr. Kurita has helped young people to overcome their challenges by balancing mental and physical health and encouraging dialogue between parents and children.

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