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Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotels to make your pilgrimage around the world

It's no use just traveling, you have to stay in a totally NERD place!

Are you going to travel? Well then, it's time to get your passport and… oops! Where will you stay? Choosing the country to make your trip seems to be something very simple and it really is, but we are talking about Nerds who are a totally different audience.

The nerd doesn't choose a country just for its beach or mountains. There has to be something that catches your eye, like some special event or place from your favorite movies. Just like the hotel! It's no use just having breakfast and a good view, it also has to BE different. And for this reason, it's time to present 5 hotels for nerds to make their pilgrimage around the world! It's time to hit the road!

Gold Coast Hotel — Hong Kong

Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotéis para fazer sua peregrinação pelo mundo 1

O Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong is a luxury hotel in the center of a large privately developed tourist complex, which makes it a little different from many of the hotels on this list. The complex offers adult pleasures such as a yacht and country club, a huge shopping mall and a marina, and to keep the kids entertained, the hotel has a host of fantastic suites.

The photo above is known as Dinosaur Room. Other themed suites include Outer Space Room, Safari Room, Hong Kong Tram Room and carnival room, which surprisingly isn't scary.

The Curtis's Hyper — Denver, Colorado

Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotéis para fazer sua peregrinação pelo mundo 2

Right in the middle of downtown Denver, blocks from all the places you visit while traveling on business or with a friend who lives in the city and is desperate to find ways to keep him busy, the Curtis is another hotel that offers riffs on pop culture by local and national artists.

The whole place is a mix of nostalgia and pop art, from the retro-chic lobby to the facilities (including a giant Lite-Brite) dotted around the first floors and restaurant. It also has a number of themed suites, including a Jimmy Buffet room made in consultation with the Colorado Parrot Head Club (ensuring essential authenticity) and, relevant for our purposes, suites designed for fans of ghostbusters and Star Trek. None of them are overwhelming or cluttered, so you don't feel like you're in a messy collector's den.

Fantasyland Hotel — Edmonton, Canada

Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotéis para fazer sua peregrinação pelo mundo 3

When you're in a luxury hotel in one of the coldest places in North America, you have to go the extra mile to keep guests coming through the winter months. In total, 120 of the 355 rooms in the Edmonton Fantasyland Hotel have some sort of theme, and many of them qualify as geeks, including the Space Room from the photo above.

If you can't stand to stay in a room that reminds you of the soul destroyer of Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams, blue valentine, there are plenty of other options, including pirate ships, ancient Rome, Polynesian hideaways, igloos, western cabins, Victorians, era buses, and a truck (this is western Canada, after all). The hotel is also connected to an indoor water park, so you shouldn't have a problem having fun, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Art of Animation Hotel — Orlando, Florida

virtually any hotel Disney It could have made it on this list given how detailed and fantastic they all are, but we'll keep it to one that not only offers a fantastic escape, but also pays homage to the work of the geniuses who created the fictional worlds the company offers its audience.

the resort Art of Animation at the Walt Disney World is divided into different wings, each with huge statues of classic characters from the Disney / Pixar. The restaurants and rooms are also themed around classic animated films. It's as immersive as any hotel, but it also takes you behind the scenes of the company's successes, with sketches and storyboards lining the lobby walls. There's no better way to marvel at how these intimate concepts become giant international IPs.

Woodlyn Park — Waitomo, New Zealand

Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotéis para fazer sua peregrinação pelo mundo 4

Many people visit New Zealand to check out the Hobbiton, the village built for the movies Lord of the Rings, but if you drive a little over an hour to the southwest, you can stay in a house that Bilbo you will find it very cozy.

the complex of Woodlyn Park motel it's not so much a hotel as a set of standalone motel accommodations built for geeky tourists who really want to delve into fantasy worlds. The complex has an old ship that houses several hotel rooms, a train cabin and a retired cargo plane that has been converted into a duplex motel.

The building Hobbit it is a semi-underground residence built into the side of a hill using the kind of authentic material that can really annoy the less adventurous. O website says so, warning potential visitors that “our Hobbit rooms built underground contain natural fiber curtains and some beams – these also reflect the natural smell of their origins.”

Extra! Gracery Shinjuku City Center — Tokyo, Japan

Nerd Road Trip | 5 hotéis para fazer sua peregrinação pelo mundo 5
A Godzilla paw and related movie posters are seen in the “Gozilla Room” of the Gracery Shinjuku Hotel in Tokyo's Kabukicho shopping district – April 9, 2015. Godzilla is the main attraction of the new shopping complex comprising a 970-year-old hotel. rooms, movie theaters and restaurants that will open this month. AFP PHOTO / Toru YAMANAKA (photo credit must be TORU YAMANAKA / AFP / Getty Images)

This is an extra for those who like the Godzilla and kaiju! O Hotel Gracery Shinjuku City Center has an impressive array of amenities and attractions, the most iconic of which is the 8th floor terrace which features a massive Godzilla head from the it was Heisei that lights up and emits smoke every night. It's a great photo opportunity too, as you can visit and pose with the big boy's bust.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel, you'll find a Godzilla exhibit, a monster-themed cafe, and, on the 30th floor, a suite filled with kaiju. O Godzilla View Room, which opened in 2015, comes with a human-sized model of the Big G along with a small exhibit and lots of goodies, and windows marked with etchings that show just how gigantic the kaiju would have looked from that height. The bathroom is also filled with Godzilla posters and movie footage.

The room has a lot of fun hidden touches, like a fake TV broadcast suggesting Godzilla is tearing up Tokyo, along with subwoofers in the beds to create the feeling that chaos is really happening.

As a bonus, the hotel is connected to the cinema Toho Cinemas.

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