5 nerdy comic book characters


Today is celebrated the day of nerd pride, and we constantly see in the media characters with this characteristic being represented, we separated a list with 5 enrds heroes from the comics

Bruce Wayne


The detective who assumed the nickname of Batman could not be left out of that list, with his intelligence the character has always been able to match up to super powerful heroes even if he is powerless.

His ability to create props, and quick thinking during battles, allows him to put fear even on Superman during battles. Bruce is so smart that he has files with the weaknesses of several members of the Justice League to defend himself in case any of them rebel.

Reed Richards


Mr. Fantástico became a great inspiration for nerds, as the character who has always shown himself to be a great nerd in the stories, including having two doctorates, is still married to a beautiful woman.

The character has an intellect above normal, and is a member of the illuminatis, a group formed by some of the greatest minds in the Marvel universe to debate various situations.

In addition to being a physicist and an engineer, the character has already discovered parallel dimensions, created several important battle accessories, in addition to improving the costumes of several heroes. Reed is considered the most brilliant mind in the Marvel universe.


Victor Stone


Victor breaks the standard of the traditional nerd, because at first the character assumes the stereotype of the football player with a bright future ahead, but after an accident, he sees his dream go down the drain.

Despite losing his chance in the fields, Victor ends up becoming a hero and an expert in computers and machines, being able to even talk to them, becoming a “techno nerd”, and responsible for maintenance for all the teams he passes.


Kamala Khan


The Marvel character is an example of the character who is people like us, the character has the most recent creation date of this list, 2013. In addition to being a teenager, with day to day problems, Khamala is also fissured by the heroes, having idolatry in names like Captain Marvel, Captain America among others.

Khamala even fulfills his dream of acting with his idols on several occasions, including being part of some Avengers formations. The character was so successful that she won her series of solos comics, and recently had a Live action series announced by Disney +

Peter parker


We could not leave out the list the classic teenage nerd, just like Khamala, Peter Parker has always been the representation of the nerd during his maturation, the character goes through several dilemmas between his life as a hero, friendships, dating and studies, and portrays several events common to our daily lives.

The character's intelligence fills the eyes of famous characters like Dr. Connors, Norman Osborn, Reed Richards and Tony Stark (Honorable mention to the hero who was left out of that list).

The character is able to improve props for his best performance, and unlike names mentioned here like Bruce and Reed Richards, the webhead does this without great financial resources.



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