5 alternative versions of Santa Claus


The Christmas atmosphere is in the air: lights, food, exciting and cozy advertisements, secret friend, raisins in food and all that Christmas atmosphere we already know as we wait for the arrival of the good old man, but was he always portrayed as a good little lord who distributes gifts? Get to know some alternative versions of Santa Claus:


1 – The Chronicles of Narnia

In the work of Clive Staples Lewis, Santa Claus is described as “a tall man, dressed as bright red as holly berries, with a fur-lined hood, a white beard so long that it covered his chest at the top of a fall. -of sparkling water”, and the character is very dear to all the people of Narnia, he presents Lucia, Pedro and Susana during the brothers' adventure.

For Pedro he gave a shield and a sword, for Susana a bow and arrow and Lucia the youngest received a dagger and a glass bottle with a liquid used to heal the wounded.

2 – Future

Matt Groening's animation, as well as his 'sister' Simpsons, has several oddities, these set in New York in the year 3000. One of the oddities is the representation of futuristic Christmas, the good old man gives way to a robot created by the Company of Mom's Friends Robots, its builders wanted to create a robot that would deliver presents to Earth's well-behaved inhabitants on Christmas Eve. However, due to a problem in his judgment circuits, his standards have gotten extremely high, causing him to judge everyone as naughty, and consequently, try to kill everyone he sees in front of him except Dr. Zoidberg.

3 – Dr. Who

In December 2014 one of Dr. Who's most iconic Christmas specials was aired, the last Christmas, in the episode The Doctor's Mission is to Save a Scientific Base at the North Pole, from Dream Crabs, creatures that make their victims sleepy to attack them. On the mission they have the help of none other than Santa Claus, played by none other than Nick Frost.

4 – DC Comics

Ok, this is perhaps the most alternative story ever told about Santa Claus, in Lobo verses Santa Claus, the mercenary of the publisher is hired by the Easter bunny to finish off the good old man, this yields an epic and bloodthirsty clash between the two, and in the end Lobo fulfills his mission.

5 – Marvel

The house of ideas is not behind bizarre with Santa Claus, in the publisher he was already represented as the most powerful mutant, he already had problems with Skrulls impersonating reindeer, we could make a list only with the versions portrayed in the publisher. The Marvel Christmas situation that we'll focus on in this list is the occasion when Dr. Doom became Santa Claus, after Santa Claus visited his castle in Latveria and ended up getting hurt in one of his traps, Victor von Doom decides to save the Christmas, dressing up as good old men and distributing gifts, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, upon noticing the tyrant's suspicious movement, start a clash, but discover that, in fact, this time the villain's intention is good, and decide to help him saving christmas.



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