The Bird Convention | New book in the series The home of Miss. Peregrine for peculiar children will be released in March

A Convenção das Aves | Novo livro da série O lar da srta. Peregrine para crianças peculiares será lançado em março 1
Cover of The Birds Convention / Intrinsic

Best seller in Brazil, the series Miss. Peregrine for peculiar children has already sold 500,000 copies, and its first volume reached the cinema screens in a beautiful adaptation in Tim Burton, in 2006.

The saga launched in late 2018 its fourth volume and fans have been waiting to continue reading the quirky adventures ever since. The publisher Intrinsic will release the next volume in Brazil on March 24th.

In the fifth volume of the series written by Ransom Riggs, Jacob and the MS. Peregrine they will have to race against time to prevent a catastrophe from happening and a macabre prophecy to come true. On a journey through unknown worlds surrounded by dangers, they must take the young woman Noor Pradesh up until V., a powerful and enigmatic woman who can help them stop the evil plan of the ethereal to sow chaos.

Meanwhile, Miss. Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes meet with American clans in peace negotiations to prevent a war of irreversible consequences from being unleashed.


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