Critics are right, we need a Batman who laughs in the movies


With the release of The Batman, there were several criticisms regarding the tone of the film and the way in which the Batman behaves during the film, and one of the complaints that arose was the one that pointed out that the orphan Bruce Wayne, who has not yet overcome the loss of parents, lives in uncertainty about their death, doesn't laugh in the long run.

Reflecting on Warner's current strategies for approaching DC stories, maybe this is the time for one of their universes to explore the Batman who laughs, not a smiling Robert Pattinson but in fact the Batman who laughs from the comics.


The reason for reaching this conclusion is simple, today Warner seems to have opted for multiple universes in the cinema and in the series, this allows us to have the dense Batman by Robert Pattinson and Joker by Joaquin Phoenix, the playful family of Shazam, in addition to the James Gunn's adult romp in Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, all based on characters from the same publisher and made by the same studio.

And just like Joker, The Batman has been mostly praised, thus giving more strength to DC's obscure universe, and why not take advantage of this success with Warner's expertise in its suspense and horror universe to adapt one of the best characters created recently in the comics on the big screen?

The Batman Who Laughs made his first appearance in 2017, and consists of a version of Batman from Earth-22, where the Batman is affected by chemicals that transform him from the bizarre and ghastly figure.

In the comics, the character's terror was not limited to the terror in his universe, he even faced the Justice League of DC's primordial universe in the comics.

Currently, Warner has an excellent relationship with James Wan, and the director has already shown himself to be a huge connoisseur of horror and suspense, imagining in an eventual adaptation of the character, perhaps he is the most suitable name to take charge of the project.

While this is only in the imagination, we have the Batman Who Doesn't Laugh officially debuting in theaters today, and who knows in the future of this franchise there won't be a twist that turns Robert Pattinson into this version of the villain and makes him haunt the DCEU?



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