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The Cleaning Girl | HBO releases trailer for its Mexican series

The HBO released the official trailer of its latest production, The Cleaning Girl (La Muchacha that Cleans), a riveting crime thriller that opens on Sunday, June 20, at 11 pm, on HBO. Watch in the player above.

Starring Damayanti Quintanar in the role of pink, this original Mexican series from WarnerMedia Latin America tells the story of a mother willing to get her hands dirty to save her child, which leads her to become involved by chance with the sordid world of organized crime.

Rosa needs to raise a large sum for her son's operation abroad. That's why she has two jobs: one in a chemical factory and the other as a cleaner at the house of Valladares, one of the richest families in the city. This job is what will put her in the wrong place at the wrong time, trapping her in a sordid and dangerous world to save her own life and get the resources for surgery. Thanks to her skill and obsession with cleanliness, Rosa becomes a valuable resource for a network of impunity and murder, delving deeper and deeper into this universe of crime and trying to come up with a plan that will change the rules of the game.

Below are the synopses of the first four episodes of the series.

Episode 1 – Sunday, June 20, at 11:00 pm
Rosa is a single mother, works cleaning the Valladares house and in a chemical industry, has OCD and her son, Felipe, suffers from a congenital heart disease that could be cured with surgery in the United States. Rodrigo, the young man of the house, together with his cousin Francisco rape a girl and film her. His friend Sebastián doesn't like the situation and meets Chaparro in a suspicious attitude. Rosa has to work at an event for Sonia's modeling agency. Fanny, one of the models, is murdered. Rosa unwittingly discovers the crime scene. He begs for his life and, in return, offers to clean everything up.

Episode 2 – Sunday, June 27, at 11 pm
As Rosa did her job very well, Chaparro spares her life and gives her a cell phone so that he can get in touch with her whenever he wants. Rodrigo makes public the video in which Teresa appears being raped by him and Francisco, with their faces distorted. Brigitte (a trans girl) finds the mutilated body of Viridiana (who has been missing for some time) in a hotel room and meets the honest and introverted police officer Correa. Chaparro seeks out Rosa to clean the place where they kept Viridiana and pays her for the work. That way Rosa can complete the amount for Felipe's visas and surgery.

Episode 3 – Sunday, July 4th at 11pm
Teresa takes a lot of tranquilizers and is in serious condition. Correa returns to Viridiana's school in search of clues. Maria, Rosa's co-worker, thinks she has a more serious relationship with the helper at the Valladares house. Those involved dispose of the body of Fanny, the model murdered at Sonia's event, but not her cell phone. Sebastián, a friend of Rodrigo and Francisco, disappears and the family believes he has been kidnapped. That same night, Felipe is hospitalized on an emergency basis.

Episode 4 – Sunday, July 11th at 11 pm
Genoveva seeks Correa to inform him that her husband has lied: her son has never asked for a ransom. Correa receives a warning from the boss, and is removed from the case. Felipe recovers, but needs to undergo surgery urgently. Correa and Gutiérrez go to Norberto's farm, and find the place immaculate. Maria is in a den at Sonia's request, and a woman takes her to private spaces. Rosa works at another crime scene. When she finishes cleaning, feeling guilty, she decides to keep some evidence: a cigarette, a card and a green earring.

The cast of The Girl from Cleaning also has Gustavo Sánchez Parra how Correa, Ana Layevska how Sonia, Alexis Valdés how Rodrigo Valladares, David Montalvo how Francisco Valladares, Rachel Robles how Maria, Ramón Medina how Gutierrez and Gerardo Trejoluna how Carlos Valladares, among other names.

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