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The Big Move

The Big Move - or Molly's Game in the original - is a film based on the biographical book of Molly Bloom, a promise of winter sports that ends up becoming the celebrity poker princess, eventually being arrested by the FBI in a lawsuit involving the Russian mafia. A feature film that has everything to keep the viewer in a cinema room.

The production has the star Jessica Chastain, assuming the role of protagonist. She is the central figure in this story and all attention is focused on her. Her skills as an actress are very evident: Jessica Chastain tells a story through her images and her words. It makes Molly's story something that deserves to be listened to very carefully, as she has some of the best kept secrets in the millionaire betting games in Los Angeles and New York. Don't be surprised if you leave the movie with a desire to play. If you can't really resist, go to a casino, but be careful what you spend to avoid falling into the same situation as many of the characters in the film.

The big difference between book and film is that in the film we don't see the real names of the group that attended these poker sessions. Among them we had Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire or Leonardo DiCaprio). Not naming these stars does not make the film lose interest. Sorkin, the director, does not compromise the reported facts and contributes to the choice of narration dynamics, making these sequences more fun. It also makes the scenes where poker details are explained or how Molly found out more about the game less by searching for information on Google.

A Grande Jogada 1
The Big Move | Image: Diamond FIlms

The first half of the film is fantastic, with an excellent pace and an excellent construction of the universe around Molly Brown using flashbacks. In the final part, there are leaps in the history that are poorly explained and open ends that remain unexplained. Sorkin's strength, as we know from his past experience in The social network or West Wing, is based on the powerful dialogues that help to build and destroy a character and for that it counted on the magnificent performance of Jessica Chastain, that many thought would be nominated for an Oscar. She is the whole film, and she carries the story from beginning to end. The other characters are secondary and almost only present to define the character and the path of Molly Bloom.

This adaptation to the cinema of the autobiographical book serves not only to tell the story of the former skier fallen from grace, but also serves the purpose of telling the story of the old American dream of the land of opportunities and how it can be distorted, favoring only the most rich and the most influential. A good film that is a little distant from the expectations generated by a second half that is weaker than the first.

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