New national production Star +, Their Story arrives showing various sides of women in different social classes, getting it right by investing in the small and large difficulties they need to face to fit into society.

Created from an original idea by the Argentine filmmaker Sebastian Borensztein, the plot presents the former nanny and now owner of her own business Marta (Cris Vianna), who is forced to host her ex-boss in her house Isabel (Letícia Spiller) and your daughter Anne Rose (Bia Arantes), due to a court decision linked to the arrest of Isabel's husband. Their arrival messes up his life. Ana Jasmim (Emma Araujo), Marta's daughter, who will have to deal with the visitors unwillingly.

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Together, mothers and daughters will face delicate issues from the past and rethink the difficulties of their own relationships, until they find their new roles. There have been years of frustrated expectations on all sides and there is a lot of resentment involved, mixed with jealousy, judgement, guilt, competition, anger and some level of gratitude.

The story shows this complicated relationship involved in an aura of patriarchy constantly harming women, in different ways, but always present. There is a constant mention of battle, whether with the simpler part needing to bend to male desires to get somewhere, or the wealthier part being used by the husband.

A História Delas | Nova produção nacional explora as dificuldades de mulheres em diferentes classes sociais 1
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Through the most common female problems, the script delves into much more than just the difference in social power between the characters, wandering between issues of need for merit, addictions, the complicated life of a single mother and the humiliations that women are forced to face. to face to reach a goal.

In the midst of all this, the production inserts nuances of women's own behavior in relation to their companions, with moments where only those who understand the feminist battle are able to serve as support, while in others the people nearby seem not to notice the male abuse.

In a dynamic way, the script written by Mariana Trench BastosAna Julia TraviaFernanda of CapuaLetícia Bulhões Padilha and Pablo Uranga inserts all this information into the plot without difficulty, in well-presented scenes and dialogues that deviate from the expository. At his side, the great directing work of Uranga, who shares the direction of the episodes with Luciana Baptista and Maria Farkas, presents the elements accurately to reinforce the important points. The production quality is finalized by photography of Julia Equi, which inserts Brazilianness into the look of the series.

With eight 30-minute episodes, Their Story premieres December 6th exclusively on Star+.


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