Tuesday, 30, November, 2021

The Curse of Bly Mansion | Actor says Season 2 of The Curse of the Hill Residence will be incredible

The first season of The Curse of the Hill Residence it was one of the most effective horror series in memory and one that rewards multiple views. A second season is now underway, with the focus shifting to The Curse of Bly Mansion, an adaptation of The Screw Turn in Henry James. Mike Flanagan already described the new season as even more terrifying than the first, and now the actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen revealed that the director “excelled” with the new episodes.

Speaking with Collider, Cohen, who played Luke Crain in the first season, he said fans can be excited for the second season.

“I have to say, it is very strange. It was very strange at first, because Victoria Pedretti and me - we both acted as twins last year - and then we're together again, but now we're in Vancouver, we were in Atlanta last year and it's a completely different team but it's the same creator. It was very, very strange to begin with. It was strange, because when you do a show that was so well received and loved, how do you do a second version of it? And he kind of got over it. It's amazing what he did to Bly. ”

The Curse of Bly Mansion still has no definite release date, but the original Netflix should arrive in the catalog soon. Meanwhile, it is possible to watch the 1st season, which is already available on the service.

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