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The Curse of Oak Island | New series season hits History this Sunday

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are back on the mysterious island and continue their incredible discoveries. Will they be able to find the treasure?

The series The Curse of Oak Island (The Curse of Oak Island) returns to History in a new season starting next Sunday, January 12th.

According to one legend, seven people must die before the secrets of Oak Island, an island in Canada, are revealed - to date, the death toll on the island totals six individuals. Obsessed with deciphering this puzzle, the brothers Rick and Marty Lagina bought most of the island and, since they found a 17th century Spanish coin in the place, in 2013, they have gone to great lengths to find out if this legendary hidden treasure really exists. .

A childhood dream motivated Americans Rick and Marty from Michigan to embark on an adventure on the mythical Canadian island. Together with local explorers and specialists, and equipped with modern technologies, they explore in detail the local landscape and mythology. Hidden treasures, Templar knights, secret traps and a fatal curse are part of the imaginary about the island, and the Lagina brothers want to unravel what is myth and what is real in all of this.

History will air two new episodes a week.

In the special debut double episode, Rick's great theory - Parts 1 and 2, Oak Island still keeps its secrets. But this year, Rick and Marty return with the whole team to follow through with the amazing discoveries from last season and redouble their efforts to finally find the coveted money pit.


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