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Marvel embraced TV once and for all


When Disney Plus was announced, there was great anticipation in how the company would exploit its core brands, and how it would follow the legacy of each within the platform.

The use of these brands was seen as a great attraction for subscribers used to other streaming services.

One of Disney's greatest assets today is Marvel, which consolidated its universe in theaters with the until now idolized saga of Infinity, and it was a huge challenge for Kevin Feige as the company's characters would be used on the Disney platform.

Exploring your characters in series is not new to the house of ideas, as there are series of your characters scattered in various places such as Agents of shield and agent Carter on ABC, Manto and Dagger on Freeform, Fugitives on Hulu, and the universe of defenders on Netflix, but despite the rumors, and buzz about the inclusion of the series within the Marvel universe of cinema, we never had anything that actually joined to the overall history of the unified universe as we now have with the Disney Plus series .

Marvel started to use Disney Plus as a thermometer for the audience and critics to identify how this new way of “doing” Marvel, and the response of this new era has been positive.

Loki's demise last week marked the crowning of yet another fan-acclaimed Marvel series, and that recognition comes not only from publishers raving but also from critics.

Last week, the list of series nominated for an Emmy, one of the top awards on TV, was released, and the choices reflected the success of Marvel in the series, totaling 28 nominations, 23 for Wandavision and 5 for Falcão and Winter Soldier.

Of course in the nominations there is always an absurd nomination, and this time that choice is the nomination of Don Cheadle as best guest star in a drama series, after an appearance of about 2 minutes in the series. The actor himself satirized the situation on his Twitter by writing “I do not understand too. moaaasssss we go…”.

Even with this questionable indication, Marvel shows that it has entered the television market once and for all, and promises to intensify its productions even more, and transform them more and more integrated into the cinematographic universe, thus taking fans of heroes in theaters to the service of Disney's streaming and further strengthening productions.



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