This year has not been favorable for Russian cinema. With audacious proposals, but which end up being inconsistent, the country's productions failed to show an acceptable quality. The bride, a Russian horror that showed promise in its trailers, unfortunately falls into this category.

The film has an attractive premise, which at first promises to deliver an interesting horror. The plot begins in the 19th century, when barin (Igor Khripunov) tries to resurrect his recently deceased bride (Marina Alhamdan) following a tradition of the time, which consists of photographing the person with the dress they would wear at the ceremony and makeup simulating open eyes, to preserve their soul in the photo. As is usual in films of this theme, something goes wrong and the bride becomes a kind of haunting.

In the present, Nastya (Victoria Agalakova) is prepared to spend a few days with her future husband's family, Vanya (Vyacheslav Chepurchenko). However, upon arriving there, he discovers that he is in great danger, obviously related to the bride at the beginning of the plot.

A Noiva
The Bride | Image: Paris Films

The proposal was indeed interesting, but the execution is very flawed. What starts out well ends up becoming a mess and at some point everything is lost in production. There are holes in the script, continuity errors, unjustifiable actions and moments when the direction gets to irritate.

There are numerous clichés in the film, but this is far from the main problem. The plot is poorly crafted, using shallow explanations that do not justify most of the moments present in the production, in addition to abusing the overly innocent protagonist who could have resolved everything quickly, but insists on stupid mistakes just to prolong the film. The whole situation seems so absurd, it gives the impression that it could be resolved in the very first moments of the work.

Plot errors derail the entire experience, making the audience's interaction with the characters complicated and resulting in a lack of connection that doesn't allow for the necessary suspense charge. With this, the film becomes superficial, to the point of becoming boring.

The bride it is a really weak production, which is impressive for having reached international distribution with so many execution errors. The film leaves a bitter taste in the viewer's mouth - and the hope that Russian cinema will find its place in the next productions it releases.

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