Wednesday, 26, January, 2022

Facebook's new identity and the future of the internet with the metaverse

The world's largest social network is now called Meta and will invest US$ 150 million in training programmers in virtual reality and augmented reality

The idea of multiple realities has always been present in fiction, but with the evolution of social networks and online games, the idea of creating new realities, or rather metaverses, is closer to becoming real. For those less familiar with the metaverse concept, the research director at Mercury Crypto, Orlando Telles, explains that it is a digital world in which users can interact with each other, even with the possibility of generating social and financial impact among the participants.

“The concept is starting to grow in the entertainment industry and, last week, we saw another step in this direction, with the creation of Meta by Facebook”, comments Telles. According to Facebook, the metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. A collective project that will be created by people from all over the world and open to everyone, with the possibility of socializing, learning, collaborating and playing in ways that go beyond what is possible today.

Metaverse as an investment

More than a virtual environment, the metaverse brings a format in which we will have several economic and social interactions and, with this, possibly redefine our understanding of the internet itself, reinforcing the idea of web 3.0, the remuneration of all links that produce value for a particular platform.

The new format of human connection may be related to the cryptoactive market, whose idea of digital scarcity is a fundamental concept for the construction of digital environments, such as their own economies, such as games like: Star Atlas and Axie Infinity.

Games in the web 2.0 format, as Fortnite receives 100% from item sales, Axie Infinity changed this dynamic by creating the format Play To Earn and a fee of only 4,25% for items sold in the game. And this is just one example of the many other values and dynamics of web 3.0, which promises to be the next big sector in the cryptocurrency market.

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