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In Search of God | History2 premieres season 2 of the series

History2 is pleased to announce the exclusive Latin American premiere of the second season of the hit documentary series Looking for God (Looking for God), next Monday, April 18. An impressive record in 10 episodes that make an unprecedented journey, which delves into the most spectacular, emotional and profound religious and spiritual expressions, in times when the planet is still experiencing the pandemic and dramatic moments of wars.

Presented and directed by Chilean journalist Jorge Said, this new season features a first-person account of a journey across four continents: Africa, Europe, America and Asia. The Day of the Dead in Mexico; Africa's biggest pilgrimage to the spectacular Gran Magal de Touba; the deep relationship of indigenous peoples with mother earth in South America; Shia pilgrimages in Iraq; the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the escape from Kabul of one of the last foreign journalists amid one of the most chaotic evacuations in history; and the role of faith in Ukraine as millions of people flee war.

"To bring to our audience the new chapters of Looking for God it is truly a privilege, as its content and production are especially captivating, showing how spirituality, religion and war are experienced at the same time. This time, international news is more present than ever, especially in the episodes of Afghanistan and Ukraine, which show a journey through the world of faith in a time that will undoubtedly be marked in the history of the 21st century.”, says Cesar Sabroso, Senior Vice President of Affiliates, Marketing and Communications at A+E Networks Latin America.

The new season begins by showing what it was like to live in Afghanistan before, during and after the unstoppable advance of the Taliban militias. A chapter that will not only reveal a history of war and religion, but also a teaching of humanism and brotherhood.

“This season was a challenge because we did it at a very difficult time due to Covid. Last season the line was very clear: the great pilgrimages, and this time the great pilgrimages did not exist. We have all certainly seen images of Pope Francis absolutely alone in the Vatican. So we had to change the angle a little bit, and because of these things of fate, we started to see the focus of the war, but also to have a connection with Latin America. The war thing was a big impact and a coincidence. We arrived in Afghanistan and we never imagined that in two weeks the Taliban would reach Kabul. Most of the locations were around the capital, however, all of these were canceled one after the other as we couldn't get there. The Taliban continued to advance, taking each of these cities. In the end we went to do one episode and ended up doing two because we got so involved in rescuing families that we even put ourselves in danger.,” said Jorge Said, who became the last Western journalist to leave Kabul.

Still on his experience at a time of great conflict, Said adds: “Then we had Ukraine and we worked in some way with what was happening. Showing today's big issues with the focus interests us from a spiritual point of view. And it was in this combination that we were putting together the new season, integrating Latin America, as we wanted to bring it closer. That's why we also integrate Cuba, Peru, Mexico. And also other places like Turkey and Senegal, which was the only country we went to with seven million pilgrims. On this occasion we were adapting to an international thematic agenda and also a little at random”.

Among other news this season, Looking for God he will visit Latin America, where he will discover the spirituality of pre-Hispanic cultures, and go in search of the religiosity that has lasted since the Incas in Peru. He will also visit the places where the Mayans and Aztecs lived, he will reveal the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and, in Cuba, he will experience religious syncretism and Santeria.

"Looking for God is a unique program that will take to every home in Latin America exclusive content that objectively and fascinatingly presents the different ways of living religion in cultures as different as those of East and West. Undoubtedly, this documentary series will provide our audience with a space for information and entertainment through the on-demand screens and platforms of History 2", explains Cesar Sabroso.

Looking for God is a production of Chile's Canal 13 and directed by journalist Jorge Said and his team at Millenium Monde. In the first season, Said surprised the audience with records of great religious pilgrimages and, with a camera in his hand, he traveled through countries such as Iraq, Japan, China, India, Israel, where he accompanied the most important spiritual processions in the world, which made the series the most watched program History2 in 2021.

About Jorge Said

In more than 30 years of experience as a video artist, TV director and producer and documentarian, Jorge Said's work includes more than 100 commercials, documentaries and TV shows made for the United States, France, Spain, Canada and Chile. It has received dozens of international commissions for artworks that have been shown at different festivals and exhibitions around the world. His career began in 1986, when he won first prize at the VI Franco Chileno Video-Art Festival. He has worked as a producer and director for TVN, Canal 13, Chilevisión, Televisión Española, Canal Plus, TF1, Univisión and correspondent in war zones for newspapers and other media. For his work, he toured and filmed on five continents. His latest TV series are Reporter in times of crisis Chilevision, 10 x 52 min, 2017, The Last Tribus Channel 13 Prime, 21 x 55 min, 2017-2019 and Looking for God Channel13 Prime, 10 x 52 min, 2020 and 2022. Looking for God premiered in 2021 on the History Channel, becoming the channel's most watched series in all of Latin America. He is currently preparing the documentary Escape from Kabul, which chronicles the epic of his flight from Afghanistan, as one of the last Westerners to leave after taking power.


In Afghanistan, we will review the before, during and after the unstoppable advance of the “Students of Islam”, better known as the Taliban. We will witness how the imposition of Islamic law has become one of the greatest tragedies in modern history for Sikh, Hazara and Shia Muslim women, artists and ethnic minorities who fear that the so-called “students of Islam”, the Taliban, will reimpose Sharia or Islamic law. to regulate life in society.

In just a few days, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan by force. And Jorge Said was one of the last Western journalists to leave Kabul, amid one of the most catastrophic evacuations in modern history. We will follow, in first person, the epic of his escape and how he managed to save Afghan women trying to escape the terror imposed by the Taliban.

In Peru, we participated in the Inti Raymi festival, the celebration of the Sun God held in the middle of the Andes. We go in search of the religiosity that has lasted since the times of the Incas. We explore the search for the God of the Andean World and his extraordinary relationship with nature, while participating in the Seed Festival and the largest and most numerous pilgrimage on the American continent.

We visited Cappadocia churches and Roman and Christian legacies in Istanbul and Izmir. Soon after, we participated in one of the most important Muslim celebrations: the Feast of the Lamb. And in Konya we explore how Sufism seeks to connect with God through its wonderful dances.

We arrived at the Holy City of Touba to participate in the biggest pilgrimage in West Africa: the Great Magal of Touba. There, we meet the Muslim brotherhoods in the former colonial capital of Saint Louis and delve into the life of their great leader Amadou Bamba who spread Islam in black Africa.

In Lebanon, we are immersed in the impressive movement of Hezbollah. Afterwards, we travel to the beautiful and mythical city of Karbala, Iraq, where we will witness the passion, fervor and pain of Shia Muslims as they celebrate and remember the great sacrifice of Imam Hussein.

We travel through the Mayan, Aztec and Indigenous world to see how their traditions and religious expressions persist to this day. In Pátzcuaro, we attended the traditional feast of the dead and witnessed the combination of the Christian and the indigenous world in the pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In June: Syria/Kurds and the Islamic State, Cuba/La Santería and Ukraine/Winds of War and Religion.

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