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The health of game players comes first

Understand why lack of health information and dialogue can have negative consequences on players' lives.


Until a short time ago, when it came to players, it was physical sports such as football, basketball, among others. Today when talking about players, we can already include online sports. The gamer market has grown enormously in recent decades. And with the arrival of more competitive games like Street Fighter, FIFA, PES, Counter Strike and an avalanche of other titles, championships began to be born.

Some started in someone's house and over time grew into nerdy events until they had their own tournaments with thousands of dollars at stake. And for these competitions there are players among others professionals in the field. It is not by chance that after the birth of these new areas, old professions also had to start reviewing and creating new concepts.

One of them is health. Of paramount importance in any profession, people in the health area have always been at the forefront of making studies about new diseases. If before when talking about READ (Repetitive Strain Injuries), soon thought of typists and anyone else in the technology area, today these diseases are already attributed to eSports players.

And not just tendonitis and other physical problems, but also those related to mental and emotional health. The stress these young people go through is not so simple. It may even seem silly, but we live a novelty in all fields. We didn't have an opportunity to transition in this area as happened with physical sports.

One example is football, which has spent decades being improved. If before, players took care of their own careers, little by little they gained professionals to help them in the area, such as more qualified agents, administrators, marketing department and healthcare professionals. For this reason, we currently don't have so much news of players who end their careers in poverty or who have become alcoholics.

Só que infelizmente, isso não tem acontecido – ainda -, de uma maneira tão produtiva no mercado de eSports. Existem sim profissionais que os ajudam, como o Dr. Victor Kurita, with which we had a chat about physical and mental health and the role of parents in these people's lives, some marketing departments, advisors, etc. But if we look deeper, we still see that they are children dealing with something totally new and that stirs emotions.

Emoções de milhares de pessoas que amam aqueles jogos e que acabam se vendo no lugar desses profissionais. Este é um mercado ainda novo e não temos jogadores “aposentados” de verdade para falarmos se o que está aí funciona ou não. As chamadas aposentadorias são precoces e muitos alegam cansaço mental e emocional, mas apenas migram dos jogos para virarem comentaristas e depois retornam.

We still don't know how old an eSports player can continue to play while maintaining full focus and physical and mental health. We don't know anything yet. Therefore, discussing health in eSports is of fundamental importance and it starts at home with your family. And also with a good doctor, before wanting to leave to spend hours and hours in front of a screen.



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