Friday, 1, July, 2022

The Cup is Nuestra | Star+ announces start of production on its new original series

Star + announced the start of production of The Cup is Nuestra, the new original series from the Star Original Productions imprint that will debut exclusively on the platform in 2023.

The series follows the story of Lucho Buenaventura (Furriel), who invests all his savings to travel with his son to watch the World Cup and sees the Argentina national football team being disqualified because of a sanction in the qualifiers. With nothing to lose, Lucho rallies his co-workers, a group on the brink of unemployment, to take matters into their own hands. The group plans to steal the World Cup trophy during their promotional tour of Argentina, to try to get the country back in the competition, saving their son's hopes and the honor of Argentines.

Developed by Full Fame to Star + and performed by Pampa Films and Gloriamundi Producciones, the comedy stars Joaquín Furriel (El patrón, radiography of a crimen), Benjamin Amadeo (Between Ties, original series available on Disney+) and Carla Quevedo (Monzón – Assassin Fists). Javier Gómez (Luis Miguel – The Series) as Frank Manila, Hugo Piccinini (Welkom), Diego De Paula (Alternative therapy, original series available on Star+), Hugo Quiril (Lucha Fuert) David Szechtman (Hydrangea), Agustina Tremari, Juan Isola (shipped to Europe) and Matías Luque Benante, complete the cast, which counts with the special participation of Arturo Puig. Production is created and directed by Gabriel Nicoli.

With recordings in different locations in Buenos Aires, The Cup is Nuestra combines elements of humor, action and local customs into a fun and moving story that will connect with football fans. Friendship, companionship and romance are present in the plot, marked by the dream of winning the World Cup and the adrenaline of risking everything to achieve a practically impossible goal.

With six 30-minute episodes, the series will feature guest appearances by well-known figures from the world of football, such as former Argentine national team players Sergio Goycochea, Oscar Ruggeri (ESPN F90) and Maximiliano Rodriguez, and sports journalists Sebastián Vignolo ( ESPN F90), Daniel Arcucci (ESPN F90), Marcelo Sottile (ESPN F90), Federico Bulos (ESPN F90) and Diego Fucks (ESPN F90).

The Cup is Nuestra is part of the wide range of exclusive Star+ productions fully developed in the region, in line with The Walt Disney Company Latin America's commitment to producing locally relevant content for the streaming service, in partnership with producers in the region and bringing together recognized talent.

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