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Acer announces Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, a notebook for a better future

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The Acer announced the Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, a special edition of the notebook Acer Aspire Vero and a manifestation of the company's commitment to a more sustainable future. Every purchase of this sustainability-focused product helps support the National Geographic Society, a global non-profit organization, in its work to protect our world through exploration, research and education. To learn more, visit

“Acer has taken steps in recent years to reduce its ecological footprint. The Vero product line, born out of our Earthion platform, represents the latest of these efforts,” he said. James Lin, General Manager of Notebooks and IT Products Business at Acer. "We are pleased with the reception that Aspire Vero has received from users and the media, and hope that our efforts will encourage partners and industry colleagues to take similar steps in their own capacity."

Reduction — Minimal footprint design

Acer anuncia Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, um notebook para um futuro melhor 1
Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition – Acer/Disclosure

The original Aspire Vero's look is defined by the mix of materials used in its chassis, which consists of 30% of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) and has been carefully selected for its balance of durability, rigidity and aesthetics. Dots of yellow pigment contrast with the textured gray surface to give the notebook personality, all without the need for any paint. The Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition builds on this design and tells a story in an eye-catching way.

Users will first notice several diagonal lines across approximately half of the top cover. A piece of a topographic map, these lines divide the surface of the device into land and sea and allude to the impact of global warming on sea level rise.

Opening the notebook reveals the portal of National Geographic, which was printed directly in the lower right corner of the keyboard. In yellow print on the spacebar, is the message “For Planet Earth” (to planet earth).

Reuse—Packaging with a Purpose

Acer anuncia Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, um notebook para um futuro melhor 2
Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition – Acer/Disclosure

As a first impression, the Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition shows that the life of your computer packaging does not have to end on delivery. The product's inner packaging is designed to be an all-in-one box and can be fully reused after users set up the device.

The box itself has enough features to fit in the user's room — perhaps on top of a dresser or in the corner of a desk — and its internal partition folds into a triangular notebook stand.

Acer anuncia Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, um notebook para um futuro melhor 3

Acer's innovative packaging design protects the device without the need for anything but recycled 85% paper, plus a 100% industrial recycled plastic (PIR) notebook cover and an additional 100% plastic PIR sheet that sits between the device screen. and the keys.

Recycling — Easily Upgradeable Notebook

The Acer Aspire National Geographic Edition utilizes 30% of PCR plastic throughout its chassis, saving 21% in carbon emissions for the production of this piece. 30% of PCR plastic is also used on the notebook screen frame and 50% on its keys, further reducing the area occupied by the computer.

Looking at the other side of product life, special effort has been made to simplify the process of making repairs and upgrades. The bottom cover comes with eleven standard Phillips screws, revealing a well-organized set of internal components that allows users to easily replace RAM and SSD.

Equipped with a processor Intel® Core in 11th generation with graphics Intel® Iris® X and, the notebook's lighter ecological footprint doesn't mean it's light on performance: It allows users to comfortably create, connect and collaborate.

Users can take advantage of the Windows 11 as soon as it comes out of the box, while the WiFi 6 offers ultra-reliable connectivity. The user experience is complemented by a wide selection of ports, including USB Type C and two doors USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A, one of which can be used to charge mobile devices even when the computer is turned off.

Acer Earthion

Acer anuncia Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, um notebook para um futuro melhor 4
Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition – Acer/Disclosure

The Vero product line was born under earthion, an Acer platform that combines the strengths of the company, its supply chain partners, customers and employees to help address environmental challenges with innovative solutions. Earthion's main focus topics include the Acer's RE100 commitment in achieving 100% of renewable energy use by 2035, the pursuit of greener product design and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of Acer's supply chain.

Prices and availability

Acer anuncia Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, um notebook para um futuro melhor 5

Exact specification, pricing and availability information varies by region. To learn more about product availability, specifications and pricing in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via

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