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Acer announces brand ambassadors for 2021

Seven prominent names in Brazil are among those chosen to represent the company on social networks.

The Acer announces its team of influencers for 2021 in Brazil. Among the prominent names, which reinforce the brand's investment strategy, are Bia Napolitano, CherryGumms, Mari Saad, Mariana Nery, ninexT, Nyvi Estephan and Game Sidão.

In Brazil, among the brand's priorities, is the importance of highlighting how, through a portfolio of differentiated products and innovative technology, Acer has the ideal solution to enhance the user experience in any daily activity, whatever your lifestyle: from work, studies and leisure, to ensuring the best immersion and power for gamers of all types.

“Acer has enormous potential to improve the routine of Brazilians and our constant work is focused on revealing how we can make everyone's day-to-day easier with our diverse product lines and solutions”, score Caroline Raimundo, Head of Marketing at Acer do Brasil. “We chose our team of ambassadors with great care and affection for 2021 and we are very satisfied with the special team that we were able to assemble. For sure, next to them, we will bring even more incredible news for everyone ”, ends.

For this year, the team of “InfluAcers”Of the gamer universe is very reinforced and with options for all audiences. ninexT, professional esports player - considered the most versatile gamer on the Brazilian FPS gaming scene and Brazilian champion of Rainbow Six by Black Dragons in 2017 -, has just joined the giants: CherryGumms, former Rainbow Six professional athlete, CEO of Black Dragons and partner of Acer for five years; Nyvi Estephan, streamer elected as the largest sports presenter in Latin America and the third best in the world; and Game Sidão, streamer and youtuber gamer with more than ten years of experience.

Acer anuncia embaixadores da marca para 2021 1

Mariana Nery, presenter, screenwriter and digital influencer with a focus on entertainment, is also among the team of ambassadors for Acer in 2021 and, in the coming months, should take over the presentation of a program on the brand's official Instagram.

And the news does not stop there! Lifestyle is also a priority for Acer in the near future and, for this, the brand has already secured a partnership beyond that special for the promotion of its Premium product line: Mari Saad, youtuber and successful businesswoman in the beauty industry, is now also one of the brand's official ambassadors in Brazil.

Bia Napolitano also follows the partnership with Acer for another year! The influencer will continue to use good humor, her differential in the networks, to show how Acer products - from the Premium line, in particular - can improve the users' experience on a daily basis.

To learn more about the surprises that Acer prepared for Brazilians in 2021, keep an eye on the official pages of the brand on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, and on the social networks of the team “InfluAcers 2021”.

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