Friday, 15th, October, 2021

The game has an exclusive storyline and will give up to R$ 200.00 discount on selected products in the Acer Store for those who complete the missions

With the proposal to dialogue directly with the gamer audience, Acer developed the game 'Notebook Legendary', an interactive story within Facebook that simulates a 16-bit game.

Available to users who like the Acer Facebook page, as missions are completed, discounts and gifts are unlocked on Acer Store, with the final prize of R$200.00 discount on products selected exclusively for the brand action. In addition, whoever finds all the Easter eggs will unlock an additional discount coupon of up to R$ 50.00, informed on the Acer Facebook page.

The game's phases are related to an important piece of a notebook and the mission is to assemble it to take the characters out of the pixelated universe and turn them into 3D characters. That way, through the powerful configuration that only an Acer notebook can offer, they would be perfectly shaped in their adventures.

“The same innovation for Acer and its products is also in its communication. Throughout the game there are references to the pop, nerd and internet universe, which is why we put 54 easter eggs, which are hidden surprises throughout the game ”, explains Carlos Carreira, Managing Partner of Agência CTRL.365. “Of all the channels and formats available, for this action we chose Canvas on Facebook to reinforce the experience of the public connected to the network and bring an even more immersive interaction (which will not stop here)”, he concludes.


Through three characters (Lara, Ryu and Mago Ado), the game has three levels that follow the sequence: win the initial challenge and kill the boss. The story begins with the character Lara in the phase “The Notebook Society”, in which it is necessary to collect the video card, the Ram memory and the processor. The second character is Ryu in the “Night of the Living Notebooks” phase, in which the user needs to collect video card, RAM and HD. The last phase has the character Mago Ado in "The Notebook Philosopher", which delivers video card, RAM and the screen.

The action is only available via mobile (Android, iOS), through the Facebook application in Canvas format.

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