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Acer launches its first Chromebook equipped with versatile AMD A-Series processors and Radeon graphics

The Acer expands its line of 15.6-inch Chromebooks with its first AMD-based Chromebook, the Acer Chromebook 315. Equipped with processors from 7ª Generation AMD A6-9220C or A4-9120C and Radeon graphics, it offers speed to demanding applications and allows the execution of several tabs and extensions simultaneously, all with up to 10 hours of battery life.

In addition to superior performance, the Acer Chromebook 315 features a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS screen, which boosts productivity for professional and school tasks. The screen offers a vibrant display of videos, web games and apps, and is available in both touch and non-touch configurations (CB315-2HT / CB315-2H).

“The 15.6-inch Chromebook has been a staple of the Acer Chromebook line,” says James Lin, general manager of Commercial and Detachable Notebooks for the IT Products Division at Acer Inc. “The Chromebook 315 takes advantage of key attributes line - 15.6-inch big screen, great speakers and stylish design - now including new AMD processors and Radeon graphics that will easily leverage the growing selection of apps and extensions for Chrome and Android that have been adopted by so many students, families and corporate users. ”

Powerful AMD A-Series processors with Radeon graphics for multitasking

The Acer Chromebook 315 is equipped with 7th generation AMD Series A processors with Radeon graphics to provide fast and efficient computing in two configurations: with APU AMD A6-9220C or APU A4-9120C in a SoC (System-on-Chip) design. The new AMD Series A processors for Chromebooks allow customers to watch videos, run the newest apps, play games on the web and surf the Internet comfortably for up to 10 hours.1 In addition, the Chromebook 315 supports a wide selection of Chrome and Android apps through Google PlayStore, for entertainment, productivity, connectivity and more.

"We are proud to expand AMD's product portfolio with Chromebooks," says Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager of AMD's Client Computing Group. “The new Acer Chromebook 315 with AMD Series A processors will allow customers to do more in less time, while enjoying some of the best experiences that the Chromebook offers. In partnership with Google and Acer, AMD-powered Chromebooks will deliver world-class entertainment, superior productivity features and the very best in design for the Chromebook market. ”

Screen and audio for entertainment and productivity

The sharp and vibrant 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen is large enough for you to open browsers side by side, watch videos in sharp detail and play games on the web. Customers gain productivity by having a larger screen area and the ability to run multiple tabs and applications simultaneously. The IPS screen allows users to present slides and share content easily, thanks to its wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. Even video chats can be shared. The HD webcam has a wide 88-degree field of view to accommodate groups. In addition, audio and video are clear thanks to images with a wide dynamic range and the built-in microphone.

Clear, crisp audio is produced by the two upward facing speakers on the Acer Chromebook 315, located next to the keyboard. The speakers support high definition audio and offer greater volume and audio range.

The Chromebook’s wide format means there’s also room for a full-sized backlit keyboard on touchscreen models and a large touchpad.

Excellent connectivity and portability with style

The design makes room for more connections on the Acer Chromebook 315. There are two USB Type C Gen 1 ports, one on each side of the device, to allow data transfers, charging and monitor output quickly, from the side that is most convenient. It includes fast wireless connection via WiFi 802.11ac, with MIMO 2 × 2 technology. Customers can connect peripherals via Bluetooth 4.2, two USB 3.0 ports and the combined headphone and speaker connector.

The Chromebook 315 comes with a stylish IMR top cover and a palm rest that are durable and light enough to make it easy to carry around the home or office. It weighs 1.72 kg and measures 380.54 mm (W) x 256.28 mm (D) x 19.95 mm (H).

Easy to share and manage, especially for parents

The new Acer Chromebook 315 is not only easy to use, but also to share among multiple users. Just sign in to your Google accounts to access Gmail, Google Docs, apps, extensions, favorites and more. Chromebooks run on Google’s Chrome OS platform, which updates automatically[3] and makes use of several levels of security to offer protection against ever-changing online threats.

With the new Family Link app on Chromebooks, it’s easy for parents to set basic digital rules as their kids explore the Internet. Parents can set daily time limits, customize the list of sites and apps their children can access, and even manage their child's Google account and remotely block supervised accounts on the Chromebook.

Pricing and availability

The Acer Chromebook 315 will be available with a touch screen (CB315-2HT) and without a touch screen (CB315-2H), with up to 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage. The exact information on specifications, pricing and availability varies by region. For information on product availability, specifications and prices in specific markets, contact your nearest Acer office at site.


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