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Activision Blizzard is tried for misconduct, but what about other companies?

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In recent months we have been witnessing one of the biggest lawsuits that a company in the gaming universe is suffering. THE Activision Blizzard was accused by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to indemnify employees affected by inequality with back pay and damages, as well as insurance that the company would “institute and enforce policies, practices and programs to ensure equal employment opportunity, and to eradicate the effects of its past and present illegal employment practices” .”

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It is an important victory for all those who no longer accept this world that involves verbal abuse, harassment, salary differences, inequality in the workplace, among many others. And that's coming from a company that creates games for your kids! Yes, Blizzard is one of the biggest names in entertainment, creator of classics like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Call of Duty, Spyro, among others.

Activision Blizzard é julgada por condutas impróprias, mas e as outras empresas? 1

This should be a company that represented more than people's dreams. It should be the pride and example for thousands in the world who suffer daily from domestic abuse, bullying, prejudice, social inequality and everything she is being sued for. So it breaks my heart when someone like me, who grew up playing Activision titles like River Raid, Pitfall, WoW, Diablo and other classics sees that the company he so admired is involved in something like this.

How many times kids like me didn't come home and turn on their Atari and over time the PC and other consoles to venture into worlds beyond the one we lived and look for a safe haven and then leave there strengthened because those were the stories told in your games? Well, Activision Blizzard may have its name dirty and be a villain, but who really does that are the people who are there.

Não todas, mas uma leva de “profissionais” que usaram e abusaram do seu poder e do nome da empresa. Fizeram o que quiseram e se acharam Deuses e que jamais seriam pegos. Mas vale lembrar e destacar sempre que após todas essas revelações gostaríamos de saber também sobre as outras empresas do setor.

Elas também possuem esses problemas? E sem dizer “cultura”, pois cultura é “compreendida como os comportamentos, tradições e conhecimentos de um determinado grupo social, incluindo a língua, as comidas típicas, as religiões, música local, artes, vestimenta, entre inúmeros outros aspectos.” E chamar de “cultura do estupro”, “cultura do assédio”, é elevar que essas coisas são boas e não são.

Coming back to the other companies, I would like to know how they deal with this. We didn't see the Capcom, Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Microsoft and others going public and saying what they think about it all. But almost daily we read what the Apple think of the way the Epic Games works and wants to monopolize Fortnite.

It's time we had a clearer vision of what these companies do to improve the lives of their employees, as I continue to believe in companies that truly manufacture dreams that can come true and where our children can work and make a difference. Also, no one wants to have a home game played by someone who is accused of harassment. Or want?

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