Friday, 25, September, 2020
Start Series News Now go! Second season of & #039; Greenleaf & #039; wins return date

Now go! Second season of 'Greenleaf' gets return date

Finally, one of the most watched series in the company's catalog Netflix won debut date. The second season of Greenleaf will return (to our delight) the next Wednesday, day November 1st.

Originally, the series is produced and aired by OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in the United States and has a cast of almost 100% black. In fact, this is one of the characteristics of the Oprah Winfrey.

The announcement was made by Netflix, who owns the broadcast / exhibition rights for other countries, in his catalog with a very intriguing trailer with the right to strong scenes, showing what we will see in the new season. This is the official announcement made by streaming after much speculation and information with wrong dates regarding the return of the series.

Review: Greenleaf - Season 1

With a controversial plot, the series narrates how a Protestant Christian family from Memphis, Tennessee lives and their “sins”, ranging from ambition, family intrigue, betrayal, greed, homosexuality and also addresses the enrichment of religious leaders through of the tithes and offerings of the faithful and shows how a religious institution can become a big profitable business. Below, the trailer for the new season.

For you, reader of Thunder who asked for a correct date, mark on the agenda:
November 1st only in the Netflix catalog.


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