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Deep Waters | See the main differences between the movie and the Patricia Highsmith classic

O Hulu and the Amazon Prime Video debut a new adaptation of the classic In Deep Water, in Patricia Highsmith. It is not the first time that the book, originally written in 1955, has gained a presence on screen. Previously, it had as adaptations the feature Victim by Witness (1981) and the series Tiefe Wasser (1983).

As usual, the adaptations have their differences, some more impactful, others milder. In this case, the film is very faithful, just changing the outcome in relation to the book.

Check out the main differences between the film below. Deep waters and the book In Deep Water.

**Warning, contains spoilers below**

modernized version

The book takes place close to the time it was written - 1955. The movie, on the other hand, presents a current version, which works very well on screen without losing the impact of events. Of course some changes had to be made, like Vic (Ben Affleck) being a guy who became rich by creating a chip that is used in drones these days and not being an editor like he was in the book.

The updated one also slightly changes appearances and social conventions that only mattered back then. High society dinners were almost impossible to refuse invitations, making Melinda's exposure of her lovers at parties all the more serious. In addition, the divorce was more controversial, having image issues attached to it and further justifying Vic's attachment to maintaining the marriage.

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