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Alan Wake | 10 years of the game in the best Stephen King style

First released on Xbox 360 in May 2010, Alan Wake recently had his 10th anniversary. Despite continuing for years, the critically acclaimed psychological thriller from Remedy it still holds up well and is still as captivating and tense today as it was a decade ago.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Alan Wake revolves around the bestselling author of the same name, as he travels to the picturesque city of Bright Falls, Washington, with his wife Alice, in hopes that the trip will remove the blockage. writer. Unfortunately for the couple, Alice is mysteriously taken out of her hut by the lake that night and Alan, after jumping into the lake to save her, wakes up a week later in a car accident.

With shadowy figures chasing the small town at night and handwritten pages emerging from a book he doesn't remember writing whose content is coming true, it's up to Alan to get to the bottom of this mystery and save his wife from the darkness that claimed her. Named for several awards and home to a dedicated fan base that still longs for a sequel, here are 10 moments worth revisiting.

Beware of spoilers throughout the game.

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1. The Nightmare

Usually, sections of the tutorial do not tend to be particularly attractive. Teaching players the basic game mechanics before playing them directly, these training sections are as short and sweet as possible. That is, you think it is difficult, until the game really starts.

Alan Wake, on the other hand, uses his tutorial phase to offer players a tantalizing taste of what will come in a condensed encounter with a hitchhiker who is considered the author's nightmare. Desperately running to reach a lighthouse, believing it to be the only safe place left, Alan accidentally hits a hitchhiker in a hurry, killing him instantly - or so he thought. With his car destroyed in the collision, he must continue to his destination on foot. But after taking a few steps, the hitchhiker reappears wielding an ax.

While this phase teaches the basics of dodging, healing and fighting, it is done by throwing players right into the deep end, while they frantically flee the evil presence at their heels, while sewing the first seeds of the mystery of what should happen. Grabbing players from the start, things would only get better from now on.

Alan Wake | 10 anos do jogo no melhor estilo Stephen King 12
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