Saturday, 15, August, 2020
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Almost Family | Series canceled after allegations of rape against Timothy Hutton

After a season, the FOX decided to cancel the drama series Almost Family. News of the show's cancellation follows the shocking revelation of rape allegations against one of the show's stars, the Oscar winner Timothy Hutton. Although the reason for the cancellation has not been confirmed to be linked to these charges, the moment seems to indicate that one provoked the other quickly.

The decision, according to information from the The Wrap, was taken just hours after the allegations of rape against Hutton appeared in the BuzzFeed.

Almost Family premiered on October 2. The plot follows Julia Bechley, a young woman who believed she was an only child, until she discovered that, throughout her successful career as a fertility doctor, her father used his own sperm to conceive hundreds of children, including two new sisters.


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Almost Family | Série é cancelada após alegações de estupro contra Timothy Hutton 7

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