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American Horror Story vs. American Horror Stories: Discover the relationship and difference between the two series


American Horror Story or American Horror Stories? Both are anthological productions by American creator Ryan Murphy, the last one being a spin off of the first, all available through Star + in Brazil.

Not sure what a spin-off or anthology is? Calm down, we can explain! Understand, below, everything about the relationship and the difference between the two series.

Spin off

American Horror Stories is a spin-off of American Horror Story, that is, one series is derived from the other – both creations by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. This means that the stories are set in the same universe, expanded by the new production, which delves into the myths, legends and horror lore of the original series.


Both series are anthologies, the name given to productions that have a closed story, and no continuation between seasons. The difference is that American Horror Story brings a different story each year. Already American Horror Stories brings new stories per episode – with the exception of the first two, which have the same plot.


Some actors from American Horror Story are also in the cast of American Horror Stories, as Matt Boomer, who appeared in the fourth and fifth seasons; and actress Billie Lourd, who has been in the original series since season seven. Dylan McDermott returns to the role of Dr. Ben Harmon, whom he played in the first season of American Horror StoryMurder House, as well as actress Jamie Brewer as the character Adelaide Langdon.



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