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Analysis | CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021


CorelDraw! A weighty name in the graphic design field. Since the last century, the Corel line has been synonymous with creation. Mainly for those who like to vector logos, make drawings, covers, etc.

The Corel line suffered at times with some versions that were very heavy and that demanded too much of the computers, so much so that working with the program was practically impossible in most notebooks. But this changed over time, especially with the new version of 2021.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021

When it comes to breeding programs, Corel is one of the ones that come up front. Due to its ease of creating vectors, even making visual identities, the software is much lighter in its new version.

He continues with his same style, only faster and simpler for everyday work. We took the test of the Suite 2021 in a notebook from Acer, O Aspire 5, with 8GB of RAM and a tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor, plus an older one, an Acer with 4GB of RAM.

In both cases, Corel worked perfectly! Remembering that we are talking about notebooks and not desktops with above-average quality monitors. Currently, programs, as well as devices, whatever they may be, will need to adapt to the new world, where COVID forced social distance, forcing many professionals to work from home.

Thus, these professionals even have a desktop at home, but notebook users still prevail. Even so, programs like Corel need to work with equal power on any of them. Furthermore, it is unforgivable that a program cannot use the basics of a notebook.

Worth it?

Totally! The program came with many new features, not just the ease of work. You can view, manage, and edit all of your design's digital assets in a single view, and move objects smoothly across pages, compare designs side-by-side, and move pages freely to arrange them as you wish.

That's why the company's promise to simplify your design journey so you can achieve your goals and success faster, without compromising on quality, was more than fulfilled!

Available to Windows and Mac, the 2021 edition of the professional graphic design suite comes to market ready to meet the demands of remote work, with a special focus on flexibility, mobility, productivity and collaboration with access to tools that simplify the design and review process and allow users to control total number of projects and assets.


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Analysis | CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021Corel 2021 from the professional graphic design suite arrives on the market ready to meet the demands of remote work, with a special focus on flexibility, mobility, productivity and collaboration.
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