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Analysis | Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is a remarkable little one and targeted for all those who are looking for a productivity notebook that is light, beautiful, with great performance and quiet.

When it comes to ultra-thin notebooks, soon one thinks about MacBook or Samsung Galaxy Book. Other brands end up being left out, often due to the consumer's lack of searching for other models. Well here's one that rivals the MacBook and the Samsung lineup very well: the Dell XPS 13.

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The model we received came with 11th generation Core(TM) i7-1185G7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD and Windows 11 Pro. In short summary, it can be said that the Dell XPS 13 is a little remarkable ! But let's go to the analysis.


Análise | Dell XPS 13 1
Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13

In the past, notebooks came in a simple box - some still come that way -, with just a photo of the product and one or two other information. Now, companies like Dell have been doing a little more for their customers and delivering their notebooks in a differentiated way like cell phones do.

Análise | Dell XPS 13 2
Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13
Análise | Dell XPS 13 3
Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13

O Dell XPS 13 arrived in a beautiful frosted box with just the company logo. When opening, the note is very well stored and each component is separated into areas so that they do not move around in the box and mainly, it serves as the place to always store cables and accessories, as well as the XPS.


Análise | Dell XPS 13 4
Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13

Its design maintains what we are used to, keeping the same finish as the previous version. But for those who don't know its older version, the Dell XPS 13 it's light, comes in silver color, with the Dell logo, a 13.4″ monitor (our version was the touch), keyboard already in Brazilian Portuguese, two USB-C ports, a headset port (combined headphone jack and microphone) and a microSD card slot.

Análise | Dell XPS 13 5
Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13

Also, it comes with a 'normal' USB to C input adapter, for those who don't have the new type. This is all placed on its sides in an almost imperceptible way, which gives a much more elegant look to the notebook. And to top it off, the power connection uses the same USB port.


As we always say, it's no use just being beautiful: you have to put up with the work. It's the Dell XPS 13 it's an efficiency-oriented notebook, in other words, it's for productivity! With Windows 11, the XPS is lighter and faster with fewer updates.

Working with everyday tools like the office, it's something very simple, as you can't even tell when the programs are opened. Even some video editors that demand a little more from the screen - it comes with an integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics -, or other programs like CorelDraw, work without any problem in the equipment.

Installations are fast and you can work simultaneously with several other open programs without any problem. The battery only with simple programs and internet browsing lasted approximately 5 hours. This using Office, YouTube, WordPress, photo editing program and its maximum brightness.

It's not much, but by using only the most basic programs, the Dell XPS 13 lasted up to 7 hours. The same for just watching streaming and some games from Xbox Game Pass.

So, for those looking for productivity while traveling or wanting to work away from an outlet, it's still a good idea. The notebook is entirely aimed at those who work with screenplays, journalists and writers. It has a very soft keyboard, in addition to being completely silent.

O Dell XPS 13 it also doesn't heat up like other models, which makes it almost impossible to keep it on your lap or to need something external to cool it down. For this reason, for those, regardless of the profession who seek focus and especially silence, the notebook is a perfect choice.

Besides, being light and compact, it can be stored in any bag or backpack. The screen's brightness as well as its sharpness are of great quality, as is its sound. Therefore, it is possible to work without any problems in outdoor areas.

Here the only problem can be for the low quality webcam. But the Dell XPS 13 it's not meant to be taping meetings for cinema-quality use, so it's not something I'll count on for those looking for a productivity-driven product.


Análise | Dell XPS 13 6

This is an important part for any personal equipment. It's the Dell XPS 13 takes it very seriously. In addition to being able to register your PIN, the notebook also has two more ways to connect it: with digital and facial recognition.

Análise | Dell XPS 13 7
The fingerprint is next to the delete key – Image: Thunder Wave/Dell XPS 13

You can easily register any of them, but facial recognition is certainly the most fun and simple, as you just have to stay in front of the screen and you will already have access to your notebook. Now if you are one of those who are afraid of this type of technology, just enter your password and that's it.

Either way, having the freedom to choose how to access your XPS is a plus for Dell. This advantage of accessing your device quickly with just facial recognition or your fingerprint is significantly important when you need it.


The Dell XPS 13 is not a gaming notebook. This is made clear by its integrated graphics card. If you want to play heavier titles like Call of Duty, forget it. Even Forza Horizon 5 it ends up forcing the device and heating up the notebook a little more than necessary.

Even so, other caliber games like dead by daylight or BackBone, work perfectly. But those looking for this type of notebook, don't really want to play games. Anyway, if you're interested in getting an Xbox Game Pass subscription, the Dell XPS 13 quietly supported playing in the cloud some titles that require less from your video card. So you can even play yes.

Now, if you want to watch the streaming, in addition to work, don't worry. The XPS colors are beautiful and give the necessary tone, that is, when the film has details that bring more warm or cold colors, its screen perfectly transmits what the user wants to watch, without having to keep modifying the resolution.

The same again for the sound, which is perfect and no need to configure the audio on the Dell XPS 13 with streaming. Often when watching something, you need to download some of them a little, otherwise it seems that the notebook's “speaker box” will explode with an unnecessary treble.

Worth it?

For those looking for a productivity notebook and don't mind gaming or video editing, yes. Mainly because those looking for these two parts, will already look for larger notebooks. Therefore, the Dell XPS 13 is a small notable, for its beauty, great configuration, performance and for being aimed at all those who want silence from their equipment and who do not interfere with their cooler.

Thunder Wave note
The Dell XPS 13 is a remarkable little one and targeted for all those who are looking for a productivity notebook that is light, beautiful, with great performance and quiet.

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The Dell XPS 13 is a remarkable little one and targeted for all those who are looking for a productivity notebook that is light, beautiful, with great performance and quiet.Analysis | Dell XPS 13
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