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Review | It's time to influence with FlexClip Video Maker

Social networks are an important work tool today. Regardless of your area of work, it is necessary to promote yourself and expose your content. And in this disputed world, any content is not enough, you have to stand out and keep quality posts.

To facilitate this creation, the FlexClip Video Maker. Through it you will be able to create various types of publications from the simplest to the most striking, in a simple way and without needing to "detonate" explaining step by step what should be.

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O FlexClip Video Maker it has self-explanatory tools, which transform your static image into styles with movement, which will give that differential to those who visit your network. In addition to several video formats, with ready-made functions that are easily editable and options to start from scratch. The program can still help you with ideas if you are having trouble knowing how to create something, as its library is rich with all styles and formats.

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Flex your choice

The program has 4 styles to choose from, which are Free, Basic, Plus and Business. Depending on your choice, you can create from 12 to 1000 projects. Only in the free version, the user already has some very interesting utilities such as saving up to 12 projects. The Plus version, which is the most purchased, you can even add watermarks to your projects, which is very useful depending on your work.

The version we received for analysis is Business, and we can use it in all work styles, with the free functions, which you can do yourself logging into the site, even the most laborious with videos of up to 30 minutes. In addition, the entire creation, if you still want some tips, are given on the FlexClip website itself. So you have no excuse for not being able to use it.

Who can use it?

For daily use, both for amateurs and professionals, it is a full plate for ensuring quality and giving an identity in your publications, leaving the look of your network more beautiful, lighter and with that personal touch.

Without a doubt, the FlexClip Video Maker is a program that was missing to help you or your company to stand out in this competitive and crazy universe of images and influencers. Now how about you start influencing who follows you?

Thunder Wave note
Easy to use and very dynamic, FlexClip Video Maker is perfect for you to create those presentations for your social networks and influence in a fun and professional way.


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