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Analysis | Time to work with the Aspire 5 notebook

The world is experiencing a troubled time in every way due to COVID. From study to work, new models have been presented every day, mainly due to social distance. In this way, technology is the best way for people to continue to communicate in some way.

So it must be fast, accurate and, above all, safe. Thinking like that, people need equipment that follows this standard, that can perform well and not let them down when carrying out any type of activity, from a test to a meeting.

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Therefore, we continue our analysis of the Acer Aspire 5 notebook with an Intel Core i5, 8 GB of memory, 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics. In the first part, we analyze all the installation part and a little bit of work. Now, the focus will be exclusive on the home office and also on your mobility.

Home Office

In this part Aspire 5 gives a real show. We did several types of meetings with it, with programs like the ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, using something simpler like just chatting through Whatsapp and Telegram and the notebook responded calmly.

His camera showed no loss of frame, making it easy to keep two participants in front of the Aspire without having to keep pushing each other to appear on the webcam. The lighting of the monitor is excellent and we leave it at 50%. Audio is also a part of it, without the need for headphones to listen to or a microphone to make it understandable.

In addition, Aspire 5 was able to work smoothly with more open programs like power point for presentations during meetings and the note did not turn on the cooler in no time. The battery lasted a whole day, that is, almost 12 hours without having to recharge, which is great when taking it from one place to another.

For those looking for a little more power and making creations, the Aspire 5 is also a good choice. Programs like CorelDraw 2021 and video editors are fully compatible with the Acer model. They still do not force the cooler, being turned on a few times when something requires a little more graphics performance.

And here the battery continued to be maintained, dropping between 8 and 9 hours of use without heating the note.

Take by car, transport… I need to leave!

Life is not just home office. People still need to get around for day-to-day work, so a heavy notebook can get in the way and get tired during their journey from home to the office.

O Aspire 5 it is very light and the one that weighs most is without a doubt your backpack. In addition to being light, the model is very beautiful and with a great finish. It may seem easy to be broken due to its style, but make no mistake. He can handle the stride well.

If you need to work along the way, again your battery will hold up without letting you down, as well as its 3 USB ports to connect whatever you need. The monitor is also well-crafted and no matter where you are and what the lighting is, you can continue working without losing any detail.


In a general assessment, the Acer Aspire 5 notebook it is a complete appliance for work. Aimed at people who need a note for the office and also in the audiovisual area such as screenwriters, writers, it has a smooth keyboard, with the keys in "its place", without having to keep pressing the Alt Gr to search for the interrogation or any other letter.

Perhaps the only negative part is the “F” keys, since it is necessary to click on the Function plus the F chosen for it to work, different from the everyday one, just clicking on F5, for example, to update a page. Here when clicking directly on F10 or F11, the user will decrease or increase the audio volume.

Anyway, this is nothing to get in the way and just a detail that in seconds the user will be used to.

Home Office
Thunder Wave note
The Acer Aspire 5 notebook is aimed at casual users who need quality and reliable equipment at all times.


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