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Analysis | Dell Alienware M15 R6 Notebook A Workforce

Alienware m15 R6 has a perfect set for your daily work, with a performance above the expected, being a great option for all types of users.

the line alienware arrives in full force in Brazil through the Dell. The D versionell Alienware m15 R6, which we received for analysis, in addition to being beautiful, is a “tremendous machine”. With 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 processor, 16GB RAM, Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 Graphics, 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, it comes with Windows 11 Pro.


Due to its processing power, its installation has to be fast and it really is. O Windows 11 it does not differ in any way from its previous version, the 10, to be installed. The choice or not of Cortana and all the choices that the user wants or not to make to work with the operating system, are there. The only difference is really how fast it is done.

Just as Windows was quick to install, the same can be said for other daily programs the user wants to work on. We installed several programs such as Movavi to edit videos, ZOOM for meetings, Corel 2021, plus others to play as Steam, Epic, Ubisoft to play the latest news like Far Cry 6 and yours DLC Insanity, Riders Republic, Back 4 Blood and back bone.

All installations were smooth and those that asked for updates were also done quickly, without taking the long minutes that Windows usually takes to install them. Strong point of the notebook.

The only problem the user will experience will be with the keyboard, which he must know how to configure, since if he installs the ABNT or ABNT 2 version, he will have to keep pressing the left ALT (ALT Gr), plus the W for interrogation , the Q for a / and so on. Same for Ç that doesn't appear on the keyboard. Other than that, the rest is perfect.


If there is already speed to install, the same is to open the first program. You can't even see the splash screen warning that it's opening for basic programs like Wordpad. It's instantaneous. As for programs like the basic PhotoScape editor, it took a few seconds. But when leveling up like Movavi or Corel Draw, the R6 takes just over 10 seconds.

It's nothing time-consuming compared to other notebooks, and the common to the most advanced user will have no problem with those seconds. Another commendable aspect is being able to work with multiple tabs in the browser without it slowing down. Same with programs. The R6 did not show any drop in performance with Corel, Movavi (rendering), playing music and HBO Max running.

Speaking of rendering, a video in high quality but with a small size of 3GB took just 6 minutes to be finished. The same size, but with just good quality, dropped to 4 minutes. Not bad, as for something to be rendered it's not only the size, but also how it was made.

For text-only work, using ZOOM, the performance of the R6 is remarkable. If you need a notebook to give presentations, make video calls, edit, download, upload or all at the same time, rest assured that maybe your only problem will be your internet connection, otherwise the Dell Alienware m15 R6 worked quietly.

Still on the video issue, Alienware's webcam may be weak by streaming standards, with 720p, but as the analysis here is for office work, it won't make any difference this resolution, which is still very good. and for editing ZOOM-recorded meetings, it showed no drop in quality, not even in its brightness.

And if you're already thinking about the drums, it's really good. For an office job using its basic features, but still letting some music play, editing text, pasting into some web program, doing research, editing a photo, downloading and uploading - all with basic stuff - continuous use of the notebook withstood more than 6 hours.

To charge, you can work and leave it in the socket, but it will be a little slower to fully charge the battery. The notebook continues with the same performance. Here is a detail that could be improved in the future. Unlike most other notebooks, the user won't have an easy way to tell if the battery is full or not, as he doesn't have something to indicate this, like a color change.

Design and Inputs

Análise | Notebook Dell Alienware m15 R6 uma força de trabalho 1

This part is left to the end, because the Dell Alienware m15 R6 is really beautiful. With a futuristic style and reminiscent of the design of some "ships" from the movie Tron Legacy, its matte black, lighting and Alienware logo on the lid are a nice highlight. The air vents also complement the beautiful style that resembles beehives, both on the top and on the bottom.

These round lines and lighting give a different look to the model, being more than just a beautiful notebook. And the same open or closed, continues with a unique beauty.

Its size is good, but as the keyboard does not have the numeric and is American standard, some people who are used to larger keyboards will fumble at first, but with time they will become familiar, mainly because they can lock the F keys and not need to keep pressing FN (Function) whenever they want to increase or decrease the screen brightness or some other notebook function.

The volume shortcuts are also separate which helps to listen to music or watch a movie as well as hold meetings. On the design side, the R6 is truly out of this world.

Análise | Notebook Dell Alienware m15 R6 uma força de trabalho 2

On the connections part, it had two USB ports on the right side and one on the back. On the left, it was for the network and headphone input. At the rear, there was a USB-C input, an HDMI and the power cable.

Análise | Notebook Dell Alienware m15 R6 uma força de trabalho 3

The HDMI, as well as the other USB ports on the back, help a lot, as they do not interfere if the user chooses to put a pendrive, connect the mouse, turn on the power supply and still have a headset for meetings. Because everything is distributed, a tangle of wires will only be possible if the person is really messed up.

Análise | Notebook Dell Alienware m15 R6 uma força de trabalho 4

A negative point in this part is the loud noise of the cooler to cool down while working with something heavier and even playing games. The noise is annoying and it looks like the notebook is going to explode, but rest assured that it won't. Another negative aspect is also for the heating. If you want to keep it on your lap, forget it because it gets very hot.

There's also the detail of the weight, but it's not something that really gets in the way and it's much lighter, like for example, compared to the Samsung Odyssey 2.

Worth it?

Análise | Notebook Dell Alienware m15 R6 uma força de trabalho 5

The Dell Alienware m15 R6 notebook has more positives than negatives for your daily work. With an above-average performance, its features are worth its price, especially for those looking for a notebook to work for over 5 years and don't want to worry about updates.

As it already comes with Windows 11, great memory and an 11th generation processor, Alienware is a sure-fire choice for those who work from home to office, as well as image and video editors and also screenwriters who need to write, research, meetings, and other simultaneous work.

In our next review, it's time to play!

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Alienware m15 R6 has a perfect set for your daily work, with a performance above the expected, being a great option for all types of users.

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Alienware m15 R6 has a perfect set for your daily work, with a performance above the expected, being a great option for all types of users.Analysis | Dell Alienware M15 R6 Notebook A Workforce
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