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Analysis | Working without a headache with the Samsung Odyssey 2 notebook

Working with the Samsung Odyssey 2 gaming notebook is a dream come true for anyone who needs speed and confidence.


Imagine the scene: you go out to buy the long-awaited notebook, whatever it is, and look at how much memory, processor, HD, video card it has, among other attributes, even the color and design. Go home, turn it on and… it looks cool, it looks good… but it just looks!

The irritation comes, because the Windows it takes too long to load, it can't even work with two programs at the same time, and it keeps asking for the program to be updated all the time. And when it does, it's another delay!

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Now this is a mindless headache. At least this doesn't happen with the Samsung Odyssey 2 gaming notebook. Not because it has the gamer title in the middle, but because it's really good!

Not all gaming computers can really be classified as good and great. Some not even as average. The Odyssey 2 that we have already made a first impression, doesn't give you a headache and only lacks for the battery that lasts, depending on your work, a little more than 2 hours.


Here everything that was asked to imagine above can be forgotten. First, just by opening the “lid”, Odyssey starts asking for the password and then you are already working. It's all simple, objective and for those who are in a hurry because they need to get into that meeting at the last minute, they won't be late, unless it's their own fault.

Speaking of meetings, the note has a good image resolution, webcam that leaves nothing to be desired and the audio part that allows you to talk without the need for a headset or microphone.

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In case you have to do an online meeting, Odyssey easily supports working with more than one program without even having that “laughter”. Opening Zoom, Meeting, along with other software like PowerPoint and even video and image editing, is easy.

In the image creation part, the notebook is a great tool. Creating, editing and rendering is a smooth job and Odyssey 2 manages to do this at a speed that is quite spectacular. Of course this will also depend on what you are doing.

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The downside for it is its weight, which makes it a little difficult to carry it from place to place, but if you're someone who works with content creation, you won't need to put it in a backpack or purse. Another is the already mentioned battery.

But these are just two points out of so many other positives. The Odyssey 2 has a great memory for work, a 1 tera hard drive for storage, screen with brightness adjustment, a soft keyboard and the sound part that will help you work without the need for headphones.

For sure, if you work with scripts, content creation, videos, and more, the Odyssey 2 notebook is an excellent choice!

In the next review, it's time to play games and watch your favorite videos.



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