Realme cell phones are really good! This is a statement that is worth making at the beginning of this review to emphasize how much these devices are still unknown to a Brazilian public that is looking for a beautiful device that is reliable at the same time. In this way, we analyze the really 9i.


O really 9i already comes with Android 12 Realme UI 3.0, a huge 6.6-inch Touchscreen with a resolution of 2412×1080 pixels. And something that must be emphasized is its 128 GB internal memory! This is an intermediate device, which in short, has a great battery, performance and stereo sound, something different for cell phones in the category.

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This device may be simple, but it has a beautiful construction, with a distinctive look and prismatic paint. As well as the realme 9pro plus 5g, your camera for selfies is in the upper left corner, totally different from most other cell phones with the 'hole' in the center. Among the highlights of really 9i there is also the good level of brightness of its screen, which can be seen quietly in external environments.

All this good performance is thanks to the Snapdragon 680 together with the 6GB of RAM, which makes it fast to keep applications open in the background, which makes it completely superior to other devices of the same level, such as the Motorola. Its battery is also something very constant and it manages to stay calmly away from the sockets for two days.

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What makes it a little negative, but nothing that disturbs, is its camera, which is basic and was missing an utra-side to complete the set, since its macro is almost useless. Even so, it takes good pictures in the light and does not leave anything to be desired in darker places. Just its night mode that could be a little better. Your camcorder makes videos only in Full HD.

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Generally speaking, the really 9i It's a great device that you can watch videos and play quietly, without overheating and with a battery that can handle the stride! It is an intermediate device for those looking for something beautiful and reliable and who are already tired of branded devices that only promise but leave something to be desired.


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