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Analysis | realme C35 a launch that impresses

The realme C35 arrives in the Brazilian market fulfilling much of what it promises for entry-level devices, especially in its design and performance.

The new cell phone really input, the C35, has just been launched in Brazilian territory. Promising some differences compared to other cell phones of the same style, this device has really evolved in its design. But let's get to the analysis.


Certainly the design is a great evolution of the realme C35. Its finish appears to be made of glass and is completely shiny. And green is wonderful. You can only see that it is not made of glass when you hold it in your hand. Another interesting highlight is that it is thinner at the edges. It's not something that gets in the way, as you can still hold it well in your hand.

This is a device that in no way resembles an entry-level cell phone for its beauty. Its style is really well done, totally differentiating it from any cell phone of the same genre. It is interesting to observe that people can have a beautiful and even charming device in their hands.


Análise | realme C35 um lançamento que impressiona 1

But what really matters to people is whether it works on a daily basis. And the answer is yes! The realme C35 has an excellent performance for an entry-level cell phone. The device, only 8.1 mm thick, has a 6.6-inch screen, a resolution of 2408×1080 pixels, 64 GB internal memory with the possibility of expansion, 4 GB RAM and a large 5000 mAh battery.

The 50 MP camera with Artificial Intelligence, which is not often seen on devices in the segment, is good, but don't expect to have photos or videos as seen on stronger devices. Either way, the C35's photos and videos come out with great brightness and sharpness. What gets in the way is that he doesn't have software to reduce the “shakiness” a little bit when holding him to make his images.

The images also don't look so good when zooming and in darker environments, but anyway, you can still take excellent photos and videos with the realme C35, mainly because it's not a cell phone for those who will work with images. Still, you can have quality when needed.

Another aspect is its speed. The C35 with multiple apps open had no trouble opening the camera and taking pictures. The speed is so good, that if you don't pay attention, you won't even notice that the photo has already been taken.

For working with social networks, reading software, browser, video conferencing applications, the realme C35 also performed very well. As a device for those looking for performance and without many technologies that will rarely use and that has an interesting value, the new launch of the Chinese company deserves it.

For gaming, watching videos and even streaming channels, it also doesn't let the user down. The shine is comfortable and does not hurt the eyes. With auto on, it manages to hit the screen for dark and brighter environments, so there were no problems using it outdoors.

The sound is mono and even so it is very clear to hear any audio, music, whatever. It may even seem like a disadvantage, but it's also no use having a sophisticated entry-level cell phone in terms of sound, if you can't understand anything.

And even using all this, the 5000 mAh battery, smaller than its previous edition, proved to be excellent. The device we received from realme arrived with an exact 50% and we used it practically for a day with installations, updates, taking photos, videos, sending audios, video calls, playing games, watching, that is, really taking it to almost its full potential, and he held up very well.

It is worth mentioning that the device never suffered any type of heating, which will make its future owners more relaxed.

Worth it?

The realme C35 is really worth it. With affordable value to the new market, for being beautiful and mainly delivering what it promises. It is a device aimed at those who need something that is resistant - and it is -, and that can withstand the "pauleira" of a day's work.

This is a cell phone that fits very well in the hands of professionals who need speed and heavier applications, but who don't want or care about image quality, because the important thing here is that it doesn't let you down at work or even even crash when opening a simple food program or maps.

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