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Analysis | Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a differentiated cell phone for being sustainable, having a beautiful and engaging design and above all delivering a great work performance, both for the office or when taking your photos and videos.


Finally the new line of cell phones Galaxy arrived in Brazil. With great news for all those who want the good of our planet, Samsung has innovated by manufacturing parts of the Galaxy S22 with fishing nets taken from the sea. If you're looking for a reason to buy a new cell phone, here it is. But if that alone isn't enough, let's take a look at the Galaxy S22 Plus that we receive!

New Galaxy line

Earlier this February, Samsung launched its new generation of cell phones worldwide and presented the new Galaxy S22 line to fans of the brand and the market in general, consisting of the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra.

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The model we received for review, as commented above, is the Galaxy S22 Plus, which is the mid-range of the range. It retains some of the design already known from the previous generation, with the camera module in frame format, which gives a different look to the phone.

The difference is now for the flatter sides that give the Galaxy S22 a greater charm. In case you want a comparison, it reminds a little of the iPhone 12 and 13 series, but slightly prettier.

Another aspect that deserves to be highlighted is the touch on the screen, which is also much faster and in addition its screen maintains the feature of infinity, leaving a better view. And speaking of visualization, the brightness is formidable. The white is really white and doesn't tend to be yellowish. If you think that the “white” of your cell phone is really this color, place it next to the S22 and you will see the stark difference.

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One more detail is the weight. It is very light, with 196 grams, being in the intermediate size between the devices, that is, neither big nor small. You can carry it comfortably in your pocket. In addition, for those who have hand sweating problem, the Galaxy S22 Plus does not get marks or a screen full of grease. So no more embarrassing yourself when someone looks at your cell phone.

About the screen, it is made of Gorilla Glass Victus+, the same for its back, which also has a much smoother finish and the colors are fantastic.


Working with any cell phone from the Galaxy line is already a real dream. This one keeps the default and just adds in speed. Touching the screen is faster, navigation is smooth, the camera for use in meetings leaves nothing to be desired. You can open several tabs quietly without losing speed or having those crashes.

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The ambient sound is also very good, as is the aforementioned brightness. If you need to have a meeting without using headphones, playback is perfect with no sound bursts or mufflers.

The resources for those who work in a hybrid system or need some other device for support, you can easily count on the Galaxy S22 Plus, as it leaves nothing to be desired and its battery withstands constant work without letting you down. In our test we used various office features, video calls, recording, text editing programs and even some basic games to pass the time and it lasted 1 and a half day.

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Of course, depending on your work, the battery can last much less or a little longer. So it will always depend on how you work. Using bluetooth all day will definitely drain your battery a little more. As well as video editing programs.

It also helps your setup. The devices have versions of 128 or 256 GB of internal storage, something that can be surprising to many and few to others, in addition to a RAM memory of 8 GB. This is without a doubt something to work smoothly with most of the heaviest applications on the market.


Of course, the most modern devices have this advantage. If in the past it was necessary to have a console to play your favorite titles or a PC, today's cell phones are managing to reach the level of almost a gamer device.

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Almost, because they weren't made exclusively for that, but they manage to have fun and very well. Play mobile titles like Call of Duty, Dead by Daylight, Pokemon GO or other simpler ones, it's something that won't make you stressed. Games run without any bottlenecks, with amazing brightness, sound and speed.

The only problem is the size of the screen, if you are a hardcore gamer who prefers gigantic television screens. Anyway, the delivery of the Galaxy S22 Plus was perfect. During our test, we played Dead by Daylight, Asphalt 9: Legends and Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial. The three titles were quick to install and even when receiving a call, it was possible to answer without the cell phone crashing. Something very common to happen, which leaves the person without a game and unable to talk to whoever was calling.


You can't have a cell phone without a good camera quality. The Galaxy S22 Plus has a triple rear configuration, being: a 50 MP main sensor, with a 12 MP ultrawide auxiliary and a 10 MP telephoto. The front lens has 10 MP to take your selfies.

Unlike what usually happens with depth cameras, which are just auxiliaries of the others to give only a blurred effect on the background, the Galaxy S22 Plus works individually, where it is possible to take photos with each of its sensors. And this is fully visible, especially in night shots or in the rain.

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And if at night and indoors the 50 MP main camera is already good, in places with good lighting, your photos are superb. And the speed for taking your images is also at a level above many other cell phones, as it doesn't crash and takes a long time to start the photo or filming.

Now if your case is to take selfies, the Galaxy S22 Plus makes excellent quality images. The level of detail is phenomenal, and that's because it only has 10 MP.

Shall we make a documentary?

The highlight of cell phones always goes to influencers or creators of content such as games for the internet in general. But audiovisual professionals always need to have something at hand to help them make a recording, whether to just view it later as a reference or to start their documentary or short film.

The Galaxy S22 Plus shoots at up to 8k resolution and at a frame rate of 24 fps. Its front camera does this in half, but with the same definition. A positive point, or more than that, is that those who get tired of holding the cell phone in their hand and start to shake, can rest assured, as the cell phone has great stabilization.

It's nothing professional, but it helps a lot to reduce the shaking and escape from the annoying "nervous camera" that no one else can handle.

Worth it?

When talking about Galaxy online, the answer is always positive. Even with its saltier value, the Galaxy S22 Plus is a device to have for a long time. With a One UI 4.1 interface installed on top of Android 12, Samsung promises to give much more up-to-date features to its users.

It is also the highlight, as mentioned at the beginning of the analysis, that it is sustainable. Samsung has been working hard in recent years to bring more environment-friendly devices and people's pockets.

Unlike some brands that promise to use it for at least 5 years and in just 1 it forces you to buy a new device, Samsung is thinking about use and not just acquisition.

Therefore, the Samsung S22 Plus is a cell phone that is worth having, yes, due to the work with the environment, its performance, design, camera and for embracing all audiences, from those who use few resources of the device, to those who demand so much, that the cell phone burns. And speaking of burning, the Galaxy S22 Plus doesn't have the problem of other devices, which get so hot and you can even make an egg.

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analyze-samsung-galaxy-s22-plusThe Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a differentiated cell phone for being sustainable, having a beautiful and engaging design and above all delivering a great work performance, both for the office or when taking your photos and videos.



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