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Analysis | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

There is a smartphone more than interesting. Small and big at the same time. different from Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, which is in a format that mixes a mini tablet with a cell phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G recalls the old cell phones when the trend was to reduce their size and escape the “brick standard”.

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The Flip is something unique, as it has a beautiful design, it is light, compact – it sure fits in pockets and bags – reliable in its structure, with a beautiful battery, screen, camera, that is, it is a Samsung smartphone of almost excellence .

Almost, because it still lacks some things, but already ahead, nothing that hinders its performance or makes a big difference to whoever acquires it. One of those “problems” is your screen. When opened, you can see the brand in the middle of the smartphone and this can be a problem for those who like perfection and don't want to take a "risk" while watching something.

Another is that he gets hot when he's taking photos and videos. It doesn't get to the point where you can fry an egg in it, but it still gets hot. And the third, is its price. At an average of 5 thousand reais, this little one has a high price, but when analyzing all the issues, its cost benefit is worth it.


Análise | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 1

Its design, as you can see from the picture, is more than beautiful. It's a smartphone to be shown! With a beautiful color variant, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has two external cameras that do not interfere with your look, along with the display that shows, in addition to the time, other necessary information.

Análise | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 2

It is light and thin, even in its closed format. In addition, when closed, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is more “protected” than the Galaxy Z Fold3, as it is more difficult to pass a coin through it. When opened, its grip remains firm and it does not lose all its beauty, so much so that seeing its external part is more interesting in terms of visuals than the smartphones we have on the market.

Análise | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 3

Also in this part of the display, it is worth mentioning that the user can use it to look at the photos he is taking, in addition to the information that appears on it.

Análise | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 4


Here is where things differentiate cell phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G does have a good performance. With Android 11, the smartphone is fast and if the user is one of those who forget several programs open, he can rest assured, because this will not weigh on his memory.

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To watch streaming channels, your screen has a great brightness and an audio that doesn't need to ask for silence from the people next to you, even when it's at the highest volume. By the way, the version that we received for testing was always below 40% of brightness and between 10 to 20% of volume, even in outdoor environments.

For working with social networks, his camera was always fast, as well as for creating videos and Instagram posts. If you are one of those who need speed in this part, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, may be small in size, but it is big and fast in its functions.

By the way, it's an excellent choice for journalists, influencers and audiovisual professionals, who need speed and accuracy with camera, communication apps like ZOOM, screen recorder, voice, text editor and navigation.

For those who like to do lives, such as games, the device is formidable. In our tests, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G did not crash at any time or show any loss, annoying pauses and blur. Everything was smooth, proving to be a device that can be used from amateurs to professionals.

If you like to play games, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is also a device that works well as a gamer phone. We used Xbox Game Pass to test together with Forza 5 and the smartphone worked perfectly, as well as other games like Dead by Daylight, Asphalt, among others.

Therefore, it is an incredible device, for gamers who like the latest news and even the most classic and simple, but who still need precision in the touch of the screen.

With audiovisual, being able to use the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G fully open or in L-shape is a more than extraordinary help, especially with Samsung's camera features like the Director menu. It made it much easier to be able to leave it stationary without needing anything else to support the cell phone.

Worth it?

Yes, this is a device that is very much worth owning. Being small, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is easy to take anywhere, as well as store it. Having a device that has a beautiful shape and at the same time a great performance is something that many professionals would like to have, mainly because Samsung proves that you can have a beautiful cell phone and “stick for all the time”.

Technical Data

  • Processor: 1x 2.84GHz Kryo 680 + 3x 2.42GHz Kryo 680 + 4x 1.80GHz Kryo 680
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Max Memory: 256GB
  • Screen: 6.7
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2640 pixels
  • Camera: 12Mp + 12Mp
  • Resolution: 4000 x 3000 pixels
  • Front Camera: 10 Mp F 2.4
Thunder Wave note
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a device that, in addition to being beautiful and small, can be used for different types of areas, from journalists, influencers and audiovisual professionals who need speed and performance.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a device that, in addition to being beautiful and small, can be used for different types of areas, from journalists, influencers and audiovisual professionals who need speed and performance.Analysis | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
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