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Analysis | Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is a device that enchants for its design, style and mainly for its processing power, being suitable for any type of user.


When the new folding screen phone models were confirmed, the mobile industry was left with a lot of misgivings. The main one was about the screen itself and how it would support it. After several tests, the first cell phones hit the market, and still doubts remained.

Well then, we received a model, more precisely the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 for analysis and on a first impression, the cell phone is really worthy of attention. Not just for its beautiful appearance, but for all its hardware power.


O Galaxy Z Fold3 comes in a nice box like the vast majority of Samsung products. With a USB-C cable, it doesn't come with the adapter or even headphones. The second has become standard, but not having the adapter is a negative note for the Samsung.

The cell phone has a very beautiful design, which when closed is practically a cell phone, but a little smaller at the ends and when left open, it is practically a mini tablet. In addition it is light and comfortable, with a nice grip, both open and closed, having no difficulty being held by any size hand.

Its plastic screen that is enhanced and supports the S Pen of the line Galaxy Note. But it should be noted that it does not come with the cell phone. As it is a folding device, you have practically two devices. At first the screen folding is a little noticeable, but over time you get used to it and you don't even notice, thanks to the 120Hz screen with a high brightness, very vibrant colors and excellent touch sensitivity.

Here it is also worth noting that when it is closed, the Galaxy Z Fold3 it stays with a gap, so don't carry it in your pocket, backpacks, purses, whatever, with something that could get in there, like a coin, key tip, etc., as it will definitely damage the device.

Another aspect of its design is the rear cameras, which are in a smaller block with a reinforced metal frame, something very important for those who tend to “throw” the device on the table and damage the camera lens. In addition the Galaxy Z Fold3 is certified IPX8, that is, it is water resistant – not waterproof – but still vulnerable to dust. So, no walking on the beach with your cell phone without protection.


It's no use having a beautiful and elegant cell phone if it doesn't have performance. O Galaxy Z Fold3 due to its configuration, it is more than enough for daily work, whether with the simplest communication applications such as Whatsapp or telegram, even video editing programs.

The cell phone can be used in two ways: with it closed or open. It's up to each user. In closed format, its functions are the same as a common cell phone. In the open, the division is greater of screen applications and if you have to work with some office software or video, this mode is more than indicated.

The division on the screen is practically unnoticed and the keyboard is divided equally between the “screens”, thus facilitating typing. But if you're one of those who can't use your thumb to write your texts, it will take a little work to get used to.

The interesting thing about working with the Galaxy Z Fold3 is really being able to have the freedom to use it however you want. During street tests, we were able to tinker with it in closed format and nothing changed. The screen is excellent for outside vision and access to enter your password or just put the fingerprint, which is on the side of the phone, is simple and fast.

This function by the way of being able to place the digital on the side of the Galaxy Z Fold3 it's more than interesting because you can register your thumb. It ends up making it much easier to start the device. However, depending on the way the user is used to holding the cell phone, it can be a very annoying location, as it is constantly trying to unlock it and ends up taking this function away.

But one point more than “intoxicating” is the lock screen. Samsung has a fun system for users to create their avatar by taking a picture of themselves, or using existing images. In this way the user will be able to edit the best lock screen he prefers, with animation and music. Here you can waste beautiful hours to assemble your avatar. The hard part is wanting to answer a call, since it's fun to see your character dancing there.

Working with the screen open is an easy way to have your device in the best tablet style, but in a smaller version. It is not possible to walk in the street with it open, as its handling is a little complicated. Not for the size, but more for the comfort and agility.

On this screen, the user can keep one side with some applications they want to work on, and on the other side run the screen up and down. So it's not a static screen as you might imagine, that is, you can handle each one individually.

We can also leave it in an "L" shape and on the table. Unfortunately in this position the apps or whatever you're watching will remain split. It lacked the possibility of shrinking the screen when used in this format to keep the bottom with the keyboard configuration, in this way it would look like old cell phones and even an ultra mini notebook.

Still in the work part, his camera mode is excellent. Home office meetings are broadcast with great quality. Even if you want to flip to outdoor mode, meaning with the rear lens facing you, you can still see yourself through the screen. Something that makes your photos and videos easier.


Every cell phone needs a little fun, because you can't just work or chat. The heavier games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and even dead by daylight run smoothly on it. It's even easier to play with the screen open, since the user will have a wider screen to venture out on.

Games that need to use a lot of screen resources such as a joystick, buttons, maps, information, among others, which bog down and make it difficult to see, in the Galaxy Z Fold3 are well distributed and the user will have no problem playing or ending up clicking where he shouldn't.

Processing speed is also very good. Playing Harry Potter, it was still possible to keep other applications open without consuming the device's memory. The title had no bugs or loss of speed, remaining constant throughout the game.

With the screen closed, it is practically an ordinary cell phone, but with a slightly smaller screen. The device can't keep the game going when it leaves the cell phone open to closed, so be careful not to lose your life or something precious when you're playing.

use the Galaxy Z Fold3 as a mobile gamer is fun! Because its screen is enlarged and the processing power, titles that demand such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, among others, are more than welcome in this device. It's worth noting again that because its screen is wider, its vision and icons are much better and it won't interfere with your gameplay, just improve.

The graphics of the games do not lose resolution and you can play with the screen at its maximum. The audio is still very good, with or without headphones. With its quality and sophistication, it is a guarantee for gamers on duty who like to play mobile titles, from the most aggressive in terms of memory and screen resources, to the simplest.

If you are interested in Netflix Games, this is also a good option to take advantage of titles that are already available on the streaming platform. And the same goes for watching movies and series on the channel. As well as others like the HBO Max, Apple+, Disney+ or whatever you want.

The screen use is formidable and the feeling of comfort for the eyes is exceptional. Just like in games, the depth, brightness and size of the subtitles are totally clear and you won't need to change the audio to Portuguese and lose the voice of that actor or actress you love so much.

And is it resistant?

Much has been said about it breaking and the screen's resistance not being "all that". There's nothing to worry about. THE Galaxy Z Fold3 it is very resistant. In addition to a good format, its structure is rigid and flexible where necessary, that is, in the external and internal folds of the screen. At the same time, it is light and gives total security to whoever is using it.

Worth it?

O Galaxy Z Fold3 in general it is worth it. Among the highlighted points for those looking for a performance device and that it is 2 in 1, it is more than indicated. For those who want to work and play, or are influencers and need a cell phone, it does it all. Galaxy Z Fold3 does this function very well.

Being able to make videos, quickly edit to post on social media, or take pictures of an event you're working on or just the family party, o Galaxy Z Fold3 has excellent functions from amateurs to professionals. In addition, the tests with videos and photos of a landscape in the dark and even with rain, gave excellent results.

Night image with rain and full zoom

The images logically lose a little quality, but it's something very simple and above average for cell phones. If you're just an amateur, you'll have a cell phone that can do the feat you need and don't get angry later with blurry and lackluster photos. And if you are a professional, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has resources for you.

For these reasons, the Galaxy Z Fold3 it's no longer an innovation or the future of cell phones. It is already a welcome reality and for sure it will still have a lot to evolve into something that is almost perfect.

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The Galaxy Z Fold3 is a device that enchants for its design, style and mainly for its processing power, being suitable for any type of user.analyze-samsung-galaxy-z-fold3



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