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Analysis | Samsung S21 Ultra at the speed of Forza Horizon 5

The Samsung S21 Ultra 5G has an excellent performance as a mobile gamer, with graphics quality and performance, and its partnership with Xbox only improves the interaction of fans of both brands.


Performing cell phone analysis is a somewhat complicated task, as it requires not only technology knowledge, but mainly those who will use it. For this, several factors are taken, such as: work, applications that you will use, how you will; entertainment, with games, videos, photography; among so many other ways.

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But this time the Samsung made the job easier by sending us the control as a gift. Xbox Carbon Black and 30 days of Xbox Game Pass to evaluate the cell phone S21 Ultra 5G playing the newly released Forza Horizon 5.

This is a partnership between Samsung and Xbox so that fans of the brand can make the most of the more than 100 games present on the Xbox Game Pass and play in high quality on a super cell phone.

S21 Ultra and mind-blowing speed

The complete set, Xbox Carbon Black controller, S21 Ultra 5G and Xbox Game Pass worked without any problem. Connecting via Bluetooth was simple and fast. After the recognition by cell phone, he just pressed the Xbox logo and that's it! The Game Pass was already open. Then just login or create an account.

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Upon entering the Game Pass, the user can choose to play via PC, Cloud or Console. Fur S21 Ultra, we play via Cloud. There was no loss of speed at any point, not even crashes. The game ran smooth as if it was installed on your Xbox console.

The screen brightness as well as the game details were totally sharp and showed the real power of a high definition screen. The same can be said for the audio, which was perfect without using a headset.

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The processing speed of the S21 Ultra 5G to play is fabulous. The only problem you will have will be with your personal internet connection or sometimes with the Game Pass itself. Anyway, there was no problem with the connection at all and even when I dropped it on purpose, the game continued flawlessly.

Another important aspect is that playing with the S21 Ultra 5G outdoors, the display brightness remained the same, with no reflections and with the title completely noticeable and that with only 40% of its illumination. It's also important to say that with several apps open, the cell phone remained calm and not warm.

Playing games, making videos, photos, watching a streaming channel, the S21 Ultra 5G it lasted a whole day being used constantly. And still left battery for one more morning. Therefore, you can abuse the device normally.

This was a first review focused on games only. In the next one we will bring a complete analysis of the S21 Ultra 5G.


  • Processor Speed: 2.9GHz, 2.8GHz, 2.2GHz
  • Processor Type: Octa Core
  • Size (Main Screen): 173.0mm (6.8″ full rectangle) / 168.7mm (6.6″ rounded corners)
  • Resolution (Main Screen): 3200 x 1440 (Quad HD+)
  • Technology (Main Screen): AMOLED Dynamic 2X
  • RAM memory (GB): 12 GB
  • Total Internal Memory (GB): 256 GB



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