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Apex Legends celebrates two years with Anniversary Collection event


To celebrate the second anniversary of Apex Legends and thank all the legends who entered the arena, AND THE and the Respawn Entertainment launch new rewards and ways to play the favorite battle royale for fans around the world. From February 9th to 23rd, players can participate in the anniversary collection event and experience the new game mode “Armed and Loaded”, Plus seasonal challenges and the return of 24 items popular with fans with a Legendary twist. 

Check out the video (above) of Mirage's second anniversary for a nostalgic recap, in addition to seeing all the new content that will be released on February 9.

Upon entering Apex Legends in the anniversary collection event, players will find: 

  • Birthday Rewards – The event has 22 redeemable items, including two Event Packs and ten Apex Packs. Players will also receive five rewards for logging in for the first time.
  • “Armed and Charged” Socket – This new game mode will bring players to the Arena with a full load of level 1 equipment: Mozambique, white shotgun bolt, classic MOHC sight, White EVO shield, white helmet, common backpack, white Incap shield, two syringes , two shield cells and a pile of shotgun ammo. All white-level accessories and equipment will also be removed from items available during departure. 
  • Challenges of the Season – Players and female players have a chance to win: 
    • Nessie Badge “Daily Discovery” by completing 75 daily challenges. 
    • Mozambique Badge "Respect your elders" by dealing 102,816 damage. 
    • Earn “Time to Win and Survive” with 8 different Legends to get the Smolfinder Badge.
    • Earn the “Mozambique Here” Weapon Amulet by dealing 3,333 damage. 
  • Anniversary Collection Event – Respawn is bringing back 24 fan-popular items with a splash of crimson red and gold. Unlocking all items in the collection event will give players 150 Heirloom Shards. Additionally, the cost of crafting all items during the event has been reduced by 50%. 

All of this and more comes in tandem with the release of Season 8 - Mayhem, which marked the debut of Legend Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy, along with his explosive abilities, a cataclysmic update to the King's Canyon map, a new battle pass , the Repeater 30-30 Lever Rifle and, for the first time, golden magazines that keep your stowed weapon “cocked and loaded”. The competition for fame, fortune and glory in Apex Arena has heated up with Season 8 – Mayhem on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Origin and Steam. 



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