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After 'Bird Box', Sandra Bullock and Netflix renew partnership for a new film


After the resounding success of Bird Box (Bird Box), a Netflix announced another film that possibly will be starring the actress Sandra Bullock. Entitled Reborn, the feature will be based on the homonymous comic authored by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo. In 2017, the Thunder announced that the giant of streaming had bought the Millarworld, comic book publisher, Kick-Ass, Kingsman and other titles.

According to the publication, the plot revolves around Bonnie Black, a woman who dies at the age of 80, in a New York hospital. After her death, she is reborn in the body of a 25-year-old woman in Adystria, a magical place full of monsters, dragons and millennial wars between good and evil. Upon meeting some loved ones, Bonnie begins a journey in search of her late husband and in this adventure, she will count on the help of her father and a sword.

Originally, the HQ was released in October 2016 and has about six volumes. As you did in Bird Box and in other works, Bullock will produce the feature. Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman: The Movie) signs the direction – McKay was the filmmaker hired by Warner to direct the film from Night Wing, a project that never got off the ground. To date, no other names have been released for the cast or release date.



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