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Michel Arouca, Emmy commentator at the same station, replaces him


The film critic and commentator Rubens Ewald Son will be outside the coverage of Oscar 2019 in paid channel programming TNT. This was due to a transphobic comment during the transmission of the Oscar 2018, na mesma emissora. “This girl is actually a boy“, disse, referindo-se a atriz Daniela Vegafrom the Chilean film A Fantastic Woman. She was the first transsexual actress to present a category in the history of gym and at the time, the feature received a statuette of the best foreign film.

Internet users who interact with commentators were irritated by the critic's stance and the TNT, on the occasion, issued a note of repudiation of the position of Rubens. “TNT repudiates any action and / or prejudiced manifestation of any kind“, disse o comunicado. “The brand values, encourages and respects inclusion, diversity in all its initiatives to bring the best content and entertainment to its fans“.

And continued. "In line with this purpose, the TNT management has already talked to commentator Rubens Ewald Filho, to prevent episodes like the comments made during the Oscar broadcast last Sunday from being repeated.“, finalizou a emissora, no comunicado expedido no último mês de março.

Instead of Ewald Filho, another commentator well known to television viewers, has already been cast. Michel Arouca, of Emmy, will be the main voice during the delivery of the trophies. However, Rubens will still participate in the broadcast, only in a reduced way. Your comments will occur in a timely manner, during the awards breaks.

This was not the first time that the critic has misused his observations. Still during the 2018 ceremony, Rubens referred to Frances McDormand, winner of Oscar best actress for her performance in Three Ads for a Crime, como “a lady who is not pretty and gave a drinking show at Golden Globe“.

Em anos anteriores, “a bola da vez” foi o ator Aaron-Taylor Johnson, where the critic hinted that he had married the filmmaker Sam Taylor Johnson, 23 anos mais velha, “in order to be paid for by her“. Nem veteranos escaparam das maledicências de Son. Mel Gibson levou fama de que “was not a good person” e Peter Dinklage, “despite being a dwarf, he performed very well“.

Neither TNT neither the own Rubens Ewald Filho, positioned themselves on the downgrade.



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